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Reeder update enables Feedly and Feed Wrangler on iPhone

Silvio Rizzi's RSS client for the Apple platform, Reeder, has built quite a loyal following. It's one of the first full-featured RSS readers on the iPhone which won me over with its elegant and sophisticated user interface, clever use of gestures and the ability to efficiently manage hundreds of feeds without crawling to a halt.

Silvio has been diligently updating the software with new features and today he pushed a new version which enables two popular Google Reader replacement services just as Google's web-based RSS client went offline yesterday...

Google Reader shuts down tomorrow, here’s everything you need to know

In case it's somehow skipped your mind, Google is going to be turning off Google Reader, it's popular RSS aggregating service, on July 1st. That's tomorrow. And if you haven't taken the proper steps, such as backing up your feeds or syncing them with a suitable replacement, you're going to lose them.

But never fear, as usual, iDB has you covered. Here's everything you need to know about this week's Reader shutdown...

Flipboard updated with support for Instagram video

Flipboard users will be happy to hear that the app has just been updated with support for Instagram's new video feature. Facebook's popular video sharing service can now capture and post video clips up to 15-seconds in length.

And with the latest Flipboard update, which brings the app to version 2.0.4, you can now open and view these videos within the application. The update also includes new ways to share magazines, and the usual array of bug fixes...

Reeder for iPhone goes free, support for Google Reader alternatives coming soon

Whenever I feel like skimming through my RSS feeds, I turn to Reeder, Silvio Rizzi's excellent RSS client for the iPhone and iPad. I've been using it for years now and with the impending July 1 Google Reader shutdown, Silvio figured he could kick his value proposition up a notch by making Reeder for iPhone free. In addition, he's busy working on the next update which will enable a number of Google Reader alternatives such as Feedly, Wrangler and others...

Digg app updated with support for new Google Reader replacement

Shortly after Google announced that it would be shutting down Google Reader, social news site Digg announced that it would be building a replacement RSS aggregator that would utilize the best of Reader's features and sync with existing 3rd party clients.

Then, earlier this month, the Digg team announced that it was finishing up work on the first version of its Reader replacement, and that it would start rolling out to users on June 26. And last night, it made good on its promise via an update to its iOS app...

AOL joins RSS race, announces its own Google Reader replacement

Wow, it's never been a more exciting time to be in the RSS space. And who would have thought it would have taken the Internet giant announcing its popular Reader service is heading to the graveyard of technology?

And with the impending July 1 Google Reader shut down all but upon us, the market for RSS readers is bursting with activity like never before. Of course, RSS isn't going anywhere as there are a few dozen quality apps out there.

In addition, the likes of Digg, Flipboard, Feedly and many others are stepping in to fill the void with their own Google Reader replacement services. And now, you can put AOL on your list of upcoming Google Reader alternatives. You remember AOL, right?

Feedly opens RSS web app to everyone ahead of Google Reader shutdown

Following Google's disappointing announcement that its Reader service will be retired on July 1, after running for eight straight years, Feedly back in May announced work had started on a clone of Google’s RSS API to help user transition from Google Reader to Feedly.

Today, the startup shed more light on the subject by announcing a new Application Programming Interface (API) along with a lineup of first third-party apps that will leverage the Feedly Cloud platform. In addition, they've opened the Feedly RSS web app to everyone...

Digg’s Google Reader replacement launching June 26 on iPhone first

In spite of die-hard users screaming and crying foul, Google quite unapologetically remains on track to shut down its popular news aggregation service dubbed Reader come July 1. But don't worry, there are plenty of alternatives to Google Reader such as the popular Mac/iOS app Reeder, the unavoidable Flipboard and many other apps.

The social news aggregator Digg is among the companies looking to exploit the opportunity. In March, Digg announced that work had begun on its own Reader replacement. Today, the firm said the app will be rolling to everyone by June 26, giving Google Reader refugees almost a full week of head start before the July 1 cut-off deadline...

Google product director explains why it’s shutting down Google Reader

In March of this year, Google announced that it would be shutting down its news aggregation service Google Reader. The news sent the tech world into a frenzy, and spawned a petition with over 100,000 signatures.

So why, if it was so popular, did Google decide to shut Reader down? Initially, it was written off as a 'spring cleaning' measure to kill a dying service. But today, a new report offers more details on the reason for its demise...

Reeder to add Feedly and Feed Wrangler support as Google Reader shuts down

When Google announced earlier this year that it would be shutting down Google Reader this summer, Feedly stepped up and said it was working on a clone of Google's RSS API that would help make user transition from Reader to Feedly "seamless."

Today, the cross-platform news aggregator offered up more details of the clone—codenamed Normandy—by way of a new blog post. Apparently it already has a number of apps on board for the project, including popular Google Reader client Reeder...

Reeder updated with Feedbin and standalone RSS support

As promised, Reeder is continuing to receive updates to prepare for a post Google Reader world. Today, Reeder 3.1 was released, and with it comes Feebin and standalone RSS support.

Although standalone RSS is nice to have, Feedbin is the big ticket item in this update. Feedbin, as you may well know, has gained a lot of traction lately as users seek to migrate their feeds to an alternate service ahead of Google Reader's July 1st demise.

Reeder goes free on Mac and iPad

Despite a few complaints by me over the years, Reeder is still my favorite RSS reader on iOS and the Mac. I use it on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Mac. Recently, as have many others, I ditched Google Reader, but Reeder as an app will fortunately live on.

Today, Reeder developer Silvio Rizzi, announced some big changes for Reeder. The big news is the fact that support and development for Reeder will still continue, despite Google Reader's demise on July 1st. The other big news is that the current versions of Reeder on the Mac and iPad are now free.