Reeder updated with Feedbin and standalone RSS support

Reeder 3.1 Changelog

As promised, Reeder is continuing to receive updates to prepare for a post Google Reader world. Today, Reeder 3.1 was released, and with it comes Feebin and standalone RSS support.

Although standalone RSS is nice to have, Feedbin is the big ticket item in this update. Feedbin, as you may well know, has gained a lot of traction lately as users seek to migrate their feeds to an alternate service ahead of Google Reader’s July 1st demise.

Reeder 3.1 Feebin RSS

Setting up Feedbin service is just as easy as you might imagine, simply log in with your Feebin account and you’re good to go. It’s totally comparable to Google Reader’s current setup in Reader, so users that have transitioned over to Feedbin should feel right at home.

Reeder RSS Standalone

Standalone RSS feeds are a bit different, but still relatively simple. Once standalone RSS is added, you can easily add individual feed URLs to Reeder. You also have the ability to import feeds from Google Reader for use locally. Keep in mind that standalone RSS is just that, meaning that those particular subscriptions will not sync across multiple devices.

Reeder 3.1 is a free update for current users of Reeder for iPhone. New users will need to pay the $2.99 asking price to enjoy all that Reeder has to offer. If you’re an iPad or Mac Reeder user, you’ll have to wait a bit longer before you can enjoy these and other recently added new features.

What do you think? Are you excited about these new features?