10 jailbreak tweaks that were killed by iOS 6

With the release of iOS 5 last year, it was pretty clear that Apple had gotten plenty of inspiration from the jailbreak scene, notably by implementing 20+ jailbreak tweaks in its latest mobile operating system.

We were expecting Apple to do the same thing again this year, and in anticipation, we even came out with our own list of jailbreak tweaks we wanted to see in iOS 6.

If it isn’t as obvious as last year, it’s still evident that iOS has already killed a few jailbreak tweaks. We go over the list of those tweaks that were made obsolete by iOS 6…


Now that you can download several apps from the App Store without having to launch the App Store app again and again after each download, there is no more need for StayOpened.

Pull to Refresh for Mail

Developed a couple years ago, Pull to Refresh for Mail is a goner too now that Apple has implemented Pull to Refresh in its Mail application.


By baking Sports into Siri, tweaks like AssistantExtension and especially SiriSports are nowhere near as useful.

International Location for Siri

Because it is now compatible with a dozen languages, and more importantly because it is fully supported in many new countries, the jailbreak tweak International Location for Siri is not going to be needed anymore.


With Facebook’s deep integration into iOS 6, tweaks like Fusion and FacebookThis are somewhat useless.

3G Unrestrictor

If you didn’t feel to pay $3.99 for 3G Unrestrictor, you’ll be happy to know that iOS 6 will finally let you do FaceTime calls over cellular network. Although it’s fair to note that this feature will only be available for the iPhone 4S and the new iPad, as per our iOS 6 compatibility guide.


When it first came out, PhotoMail was a nice little tweak that would allow you to attach pictures and videos directly from the Mail app. This feature is now directly baked into iOS 6.

Fullscreen for Safari

Sure Fullscreen Mode for Safari does much more than what its name suggests, but it’s still a victim of iOS 6 to some extent, now that Safari lets you switch to full screen mode – only in landscape mode though.


QuickTweet lets you send tweets from Notification Center. It’s useless now.


BannerDisable was doomed from the start as it was created after we started hearing rumor that Apple would implement the “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS 6.

As much as I love and support the jailbreak community, I’m glad Apple is implementing those features in iOS. What about you?

Can you think of more tweaks made useless by iOS 6?

[Thanks @EvilPenguin_ for his input]