iOS 6 brings iCloud tabs, full-screen browsing and more to Safari

While it isn’t necessarily the complete rebuild we were hoping for, Apple announced today that mobile Safari is going to be getting some improvements and a few new features with iOS 6.

The headlining new addition is iCloud Tabs, which will sync all of your open tabs from the desktop Safari app with iOS. Don’t use desktop Safari? Don’t worry, there’s more…

Also new to Safari in iOS 6 is Offline Reading List. This will enable users to save entire webpages — not just links — in Reading List, so you can take your favorite articles with you.

Users will also now be able to upload photos from their device’s Camera Roll to sites like Craigslist and eBay from within the new Safari, and browse the web full-screen (in landscape mode).

Still not sold on the new mobile Safari? Stay tuned for our hands-on coverage of iOS 6.