New in iOS 6: Do Not Disturb

We touched on this feature a bit earlier, and now we’re getting the chance to check it out for ourselves. Here it is, the new Do Not Disturb option in iOS 6.

As the name implies, the Do Not Disturb feature will silence all incoming phone calls and other alerts from pretty much anyone, or app, you tell it to…

The feature comes with a slew of customizable options, including scheduling, white list (contacts whose calls you don’t want silenced), and a toggle to allow repeated (possible emergency) calls to come through.

It’s nice because with Do Not Disturb enabled, your device won’t make any noise, vibrate or light up — which can really come in handy for blocking annoying late-night texts and push notifications.

We were hoping that Apple would finally implement customizable Profiles in iOS 6 . But hey, this is cool too.

What do you think of the new Do Not Disturb feature?