PhotoMail Makes Attaching Photos to Emails on Your iPhone Easy

Until now, there was no practical and logical way to attach a picture to an email on your iPhone. You either copy/paste the image, or you can select it in your camera roll, and select it to be shared via email. But what happens if you want to insert a picture in an email you are currently working on?

That’s where PhotoMail comes in. With this new jailbreak app, you’ll be able to send any photo directly via the Just access to the copy/paste menu, and you’ll see a (+) button, from which you’ll be able to attach multiple images…


It’s about time such a tweak comes to the iPhone. Something tells me Apple will be looking into it more, and we might see it implemented in iOS 5.

You can get PhotoMail in Cydia for $1. The app doesn’t come with any icon, and has no option to configure.

What do you think?