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What kind of fun adventures are you up to this weekend? Are you hiking a five-mile trail, playing with your brand new Star Wars toys, or finally tackling that landscaping project you’ve been meaning to do for a year? Whatever you are up to this weekend, we’ve got a list of apps and games that we think might spark your interest.



For a new way to follow your favorite RSS feeds, check out this nice looking new app. You can view stories in either full-width view or text only. You can hide read items to keep your feed from clutter. Bookmark articles to read later either on your iPhone or on your Mac computer using the NetNewsWire Cloud Sync. Swipe articles to mark them as read and use the iPhone’s native VoiceOver feature to have articles read to you. If you don’t know what to read today, use the recommended content feature to discover new stories. You can also send articles to various social networking sites to share with others. This app is available for $3.99.

I Am Bread

I Am Bread

From the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes another game that is just as bizarre. Just like the surgery themed game, the ability to lift, move, or do anything in this game is nearly impossible due to the hilariously awkward mechanics. In this game, players are trying to become toast by exploring the kitchen for tasty items, wandering the house for heating elements, and heading out into the great world to find the meaning of bread. Along the way, you’ll get all manner of stuff stuck to your yeasty shell. The more junk on your trunk, the less edible you become. So try to stay clear of inedible goods. This game is available for $4.99.



Finally, an app that completely changes how we edit, annotate, and read PDF documents. I know, you probably didn’t even know you wanted it, but now that it exists, you won’t be able to live without. This app lets you interact with various PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and web documents in unique ways. Pull out sentences from a document to add your own comments. Compare annotations and search terms in a side-by-side view. Tap on a comment or definition to view its original source. You can import and export files via Dropbox, iCloud, Drive, Box, and more. This app is available for free.

Worms 4

Worms 4

Can you believe that Worms has made it to four different installments? In this game, just as in the previous three, players try to destroy the opposing faction by tossing explosive junk across the battlefield. This version was made specifically for mobile devices and has shorter battles for shorter attention spans. There are new weapons and upgrades, new locations, a bunch of missions to complete. There are single player campaign games and world events, which players compete against each other to win special prices. Customize your worms to give your team a unique flavor. This game is available for $4.99.

ReBoard: Revolutionary Keyboard

ReBoard Revolutionary Keyboard

One of the annoying things about the current version of iOS is the lack of true multitasking functions. If you want to open an app, you have to exit out of the current one, then open the new one, and then reopen the other one to go back. ReBoard makes things a lot easier by letting you switch between apps right on the keyboard. You can create a calendar event, search for Dropbox files, post messages in Slack, add a task to Wunderlist, and much more. You can even control the stock Music app, right from your iOS keyboard. This app is available for $1.99.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Pokemon Shuffle

You may never get what you really want with Pokémon, a full game on iOS, but fans of the battle monster genre get some special treats every once in a while. This week, The Pokémon Company dropped a new themed game on mobile that will satisfy your need to catch them all. It is a match-three puzzle game where players use their matching skills to defeat wild Pokémon. The more you play, the more you collect. Hone your matching skills to really deliver a big attack on the opposition. Level up your favorite battle pet for better performance against stronger Pokémon. This game is available for free.

Purple – On – Demand Gas Delivery

Purple On Demand Gas Delivery

First Uber gave you a ride to the airport at a significantly lower price than your local cab driver. Now, one of the company’s cofounders wants to deliver gas to your tank while you sleep. This app is a gas delivery service that promises to fill your tank for a reasonable price (about $0.20 per gallon above cost). Choose from either 10 or 15 gallons and request the gas be delivered to your car. You don’t even have to be present when it is delivered. You can be sleeping soundly while someone fills your tank. The service is currently only available in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but if it gets even close to as popular as Uber, we’ll be seeing riots in the streets around the world in no time. This app is available for free.

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  • JulianZH

    how do they open the gas cover??

    • rockdude094

      Not required, they just teleport it into the tank.


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