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The sun is beginning to set in Cupertino, which signifies that Apple’s media event day has come and gone. The keynote is over, all announcements have been made, and we now know what the fabled 12-inch MacBook looks like, and how much the golden Apple Watch will cost.

A lot has happened over the past 12 hours, and we understand that it can be tough to keep up with everything throughout the day. So tonight, as we like to do every post-event evening, we’ve put together a roundup telling you everything you need to know about Apple’s big event.

Apple TV


In a surprising move, Tim Cook kicked off today’s event with 2 major Apple TV-related announcements. The first is that HBO’s Now service will launch next month as an ATV exclusive, and the second is that Apple is dropping the price of the set-top box from $99.99 to $69.99.



Also surprising, Apple announced today that it has created a platform for researchers to develop apps to better connect with, and gather data from, their patients. The project is open source, and could substantially aid researchers in their studies of various medical diseases.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.56.13 PM

Apple introduced the long-rumored ultra thin 12-inch MacBook today as well. It has a Retina display, a Force Touch trackpad and comes in gold, silver and space gray colorways. Additionally, the company announced updates for its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines as well.

Apple Watch

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.32.49 PM

Of course the star of the show was Apple Watch. And while we had already seen much of what Apple talked about today, we did learn several previously unknown details including pricing for upper tier models, and official launch dates.

Other Stuff

ios 8 -2

Apple also released some software updates today—most notably iOS 8.2, which includes the official Apple Watch companion app. Find out more about this and other miscellaneous stuff from today by following the links below.

And that should do it. On behalf of myself and the rest of the iDB team, I just want to say thank you for choosing to hang out with us today. Hopefully you had as much fun as we did. Be sure to stay tuned to iDB throughout the coming weeks as we continue our Apple Watch coverage.

  • Andres

    Wishing the app icon for the Apple Watch app in iOS 8.2 looked like this…

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Wishing that crap(iWatch app) wasn’t forced into my phone with the update.

    • Andres

      Well since it was forced into our phones if you updated it could have had a nicer appearance

    • John

      What’s an iWatch? I can’t find that app anywhere on my phone and I’ve updated to iOS 8.2

      Besides. How big do you really think the bloody app is anywhere …. Aren’t you just lucky you don’t have an Android with far more bloat ware then Apple has.

  • Rupinder

    Thanks for all your hard work today, guys. I appreciate it <3

  • f1ght3r

    So the watch i want is 1459 Canadian dollars? Yeah no thanks, Apple. I can get a real luxury brand at that price. I would have been willing to pay up to 600 – 700 for the space black stainless steel version, but 1459? Are you **** kidding me? For a watch that’s going to be obsolete in 3 years is complete bs. I really hope they bring the prices down in gen 2, but in the meantime pebble time steel is looking a whole lot more appealing than this overpriced “luxury” watch.

    • John

      Didn’t @Pebble do its absolute best to flood my Twitter timeline this morning with tweets from people praising the Pebble Time…….even retweeting days old tweets.

  • Tor

    Lol the MacBook is trash. What did Apple actually do? Thinner (St this point thinner is stupid not cool), Removed ports, added new colours and better battery life. Also better battery life should not be credited to Apple but instead to Intel because its their Core M chip which increased the battery life not Apple. All round complete Fail by Apple. LOL

  • Alberto Espinal

    ResearchKit this is an example of what kind of company Apple is! Not like others that uses your privacy to shoved ads in your face and take advantage of you, what have those other company had done for people like what Apple is doing with this new ResearchKit, right I thought so!

    • Uhm, Microsoft’s tech (Windows Embedded, Kinect, and now Surface Pro) has already been playing big roles like this (http://bit. ly/1AbKdwy), this (http://bit. ly/1AbINSO), this (http://bit. ly/1AbJEmv), and this (http://bit. ly/1AbJueM) in the medical industry for years. Try to research outside the Apple store at least once before making such claims.

      • Alberto Espinal

        First time I heard about it, and I watch lots of news, probably the way Apple does it, you know the right way, this is not something they throw in the air and not follow up, you know, so by the way how you doing Mr. E, how is life?

  • ResearchKit is the best thing they unveiled today. Accelerating medical research by giving research facilities faster access to raw data from a large global audience, all at the user’s choice. Innovative methodology to tackle present and future diseases, just hope their claims of it being “optional” and “not on Apple servers” remain true and don’t change to “optional, FOR NOW” and “not on Apple server, YET”, like this (http://bit. ly/1AbF7Rc). The others, mere overpriced jokes.

    • John

      I know you’ll have a rebuttals for this but REALISTICALLY many/all companies patient things that never happen.

      Tim has been open about security since stepping into the top job, you may be able to prove me wrong here but I’m not sure of a time when he’s said something like “We won’t store your information” and actually they have.

    • John

      But I will agree, I think ResearchKit was the most unexpected and most exciting announcement of today’s media event.

  • Innes

    Sorry cody but spotted a spelling mistake:
    …and gather data from, their ‘patents’.

    Pretty sure you mean ‘patients’.

    I can understand why Patents may be in your head though writing about Apple products!

    Good round up though 🙂