Have you already grown accustomed to the notch in the new MacBook Pro?

Apple's marketing image showing the notch along with the menu bar on the redesigned MacBook Pro from the year 2021

While the reality is that finding a product is a lot more difficult than it has been in the past, it appears to still be a good indication of how well something is selling if you can't find it at all. Which is why even though the brand new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro are probably just like every other piece of technology out there (including touchscreen in some vehicles), and hindered in supply by chip shortages, it would appear Apple's new professional laptops (or laptops for professionals) are selling quite well. Which also means that there are a lot of people out there with a brand new laptop that has a notch.

Apple may adopt two-stack OLED displays in future iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models

Apple's transition to displays with mini-LED technology is only an interesting one if you follow the rumor mill. If you do, then you know that the expectation is that Apple, at some point in the relatively near future, is going to make another transition in its display technology usage. This one will be to OLED, a technology that a lot of people have been demanding for quite some time.

Internet not working on your Mac? Here’s how to fix it

How to fix internet not working on Mac

When Wi-Fi or Ethernet is not working on your Mac, you are cut off from accessing the web. This affects everything from using essential work apps like Slack, to browsing social media, enjoying YouTube, or shopping online. If you are in a similar situation, this guide will help.

We show you the solutions to fix MacBook not connecting to Wi-Fi, connected to Wi-Fi but no internet, and other similar network connectivity issues.

Awesome laptop messenger bags you can buy right now

So, you're in the market for a new bag. Or maybe you're looking to buy a new bag for someone else. Either way, you're looking for some new gear and you've decided that a backpack is not the way to go. Which is where a messenger bag might be the better option for your laptop.

macOS Monterey will launch on October 25

Apple today confirmed an official release date for the highly anticipated macOS Monterey update. In the press release for its new MacBook Pros, the company noted that macOS Monterey will be available to the public on October 25.