First look at the new Apple Watch app on iOS 8.2

Apple Watch App

We just got our hands on iOS 8.2, and as expected, it includes a new Apple Watch companion app. The app will allow you to pair with your Apple watch, and contains two additional tabs for exploring the device’s features and for downloading Apple Watch apps once the device launches. Check out our the full video walkthrough.

Pairing the Apple Watch is simple. You will be able to do so by simply holding the watch face up to your iPhone’s camera. You can also do so manually.

Apple Watch Pairing

The App is designed so that it will great you differently depending on the time of day. It’s a nice touch:

Apple Watch Greeting

You’ll also be able to explore Apple Watch features and download apps from the App Store.

Apple Watch Explore Apps

There’s not much you can do with the app thus far, except look at a few videos, but it does give us a closer idea of what to expect come launch day.

Again, iOS 8.2 is now available for download. Have you installed it yet? What do you think about the Apple Watch companion app?