Predictive Text OS X Yosemite

The QuickType predictive text functionality found in iOS 8 would be hard to mimic on a desktop interface that uses a physical keyboard, but Apple has come up with a good way to suggest words that you may want to type next in OS X Yosemite. Check out our video walkthrough after the break and see how.

To use the QuickType-like feature in Yosemite, start composing a sentence, and press the ESC key on the keyboard to make OS X suggest the next word. In previous versions of OS X, you could use the ESC key to suggest a correction to a misspelled word, but in Yosemite, you can use the ESC to suggest a potential next word.

Unfortunately, the scope of this feature is very limited. It only works in select apps, such as the Text Edit app. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that such a feature exists, even if you probably won’t remember to use it, or if it doesn’t work with your text editing app of choice.

What do you think about predictive text in OS X Yosemite? It’s a little half-baked, wouldn’t you agree?

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  • Thanks for the trick.
    Have tried this. Thought it hard to use.

  • iNeedANameHere

    I know all these tips so far but I went ahead and used the last bit of some leftover iTunes Credit and bought the Yosemite guide to support iDB. $0.99 is nothing considering how long I’ve been following iDB. Glad to contribute even if just a little.

  • Thomas Follender Grossfeld

    this is not typed with predictive text… could’ve been

  • Superninja@1211

    I believe apple is making us lazy in all ways possible. This case typing.