Yosemite 2D Dock

The Dock in OS X Yosemite has ditched the 3D look and has gone back to its 2D roots. This results in a much “flatter” appearance, which harkens back to the earlier versions of OS X. Icons now appear to be a part of the Dock instead of hovering it.

Check past the break as we break down this and other Dock changes on video.

Something that you’ll immediately notice are the new running indicator lights—the little dots below each app that indicates that the app is active. The running indicators have ditched their white glow for a simple black dot. This, again, helps to simplify the look of the Dock. If you miss the white indicator lights, you can always venture into Dark Mode to get them back, although they still lack the glow of the lights on previous iterations of OS X.

Another thing that might stand out to long-time Mac users are the refinements made to the Finder icon. The blue in the Finder icon is a different hue, and the lines that make up its face and smile have been rounded and are thinner.

In my opinion, the Dock in Yosemite looks much more modern and accessible. It matches up well with the other changes in OS X Yosemite.

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  • Sachka

    Just bought it! Jeff I really like how you master Apple style guidelines! Nice work!

  • Saulo Benigno

    Jeff, any way to show a before and after on the next video? It’s good to see the new functions/format, but I never used the old OS, it would be nice to know how it was before.


    • I would love to, but I only have one installation of OS X. Maybe next year I will do that, though that won’t do much good with your current request. Sorry!

  • Logan

    Friendly? That icon looks like the last thing you see when you die.

  • Der Faust

    dark mode is awesome :)…… now if they would build all black iMacs…..yum 🙂

  • trumpet444

    Every time I boot into Yosemite the dock always makes me think of Fisher-Price. It does look a lot better in Dark Mode though

  • Scoroncocolo

    Thanks Jeff. Just now noticed a few of those things.

  • BrS

    I’m just amused by how looking flat like interfaces did once is now called modern.

  • truth


  • James LaBarre

    Looking at the so-called “Modern” interfaces makes me think I’m back to using MSWin 2.0. I suppose I’m using Irix (from the mid ’90’s, mind you) as my model of a good-looking interface, but seriously, even AIX’s UI has more depth and texture than the “Modern UI”, and AIX hasn’t been updated in 20 years.