AT&T is saying its high-profile launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the United States will dwarf the iPhone. We’ll see about that, but if a new Smartphone Betatest website is anything to go by, the Finnish cell phone giant isn’t afraid at all to take pot shots at the carrier’s ‘hero’ device.

Specifically, Nokia-posted videos on the site allude to the iPhone 4’s perceived weaknesses, including the infamous cellular reception issue that culminated under the controversial Antennagate headline in 2010.

A trio of clips on the Smartphone Betatest site specifically target Apple’s phone. Even though the handset is blurred out, it’s pretty clear the creative concept targets the iPhone.

The videos depict a marketing department meeting, with the participants ridiculing the widely reported antenna issue with the iPhone 4 and its apparently fragile glass and metal design.

See the clips for yourself right below.

As you know, both Nokia and the ailing BlackBerry maker Research In Motion are currently involved in a public brawl with the iPhone maker over the emerging Nano SIM card standard.

Windows Phone is considered a legitimate iPhone contender, but the platform lacks market traction and apps. Microsoft is reportedly pouring in significant resources in an effort to convince developers to port popular apps to Windows Phone devices.

Sixteen months later, Windows Phone has more than 70,000 apps.

The latest example is a version of the popular Plex media player app that just launched on the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft is also paying carriers millions in marketing expenses just to carry Windows Phone devices.

According to AT&T, which will exclusively carry the Lumia 900 in the United States, that handset launch will overshadow even the iPhone.

AT&T and Nokia are readying a massive television marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness. The Lumia 900 will be the centerpiece at AT&T stores, with massive signs and posters promoting the device. Nokia and AT&T spent considerable time training store reps, and a majority of them will be carrying one with them at all times.

The rumor-mill has Apple launching a sixth-generation iPhone either at WWDC, which apparently runs between June 11-15, or this Fall.

According to iOS 5.1 code strings recently discovered by iDownloadBlog, the device should support 4G LTE networking and possibly FaceTime video calling over 4G.

So, about those anti-Apple Nokia clips – funny or what?

  • If they’re taking a dig at the iPhone then they could have taken a bit more time and put a bit more thought into making this. Like actually make it comical ( really didn’t even bring grin on my face ) or using actual footage of the problems they’re highlighting.

    • I’ll admit it, Windows phone 7 UI is actually really fun to use. But that quickly gets taken away by the lack of functionality.

      What they have shouldn’t even be called an “AppStore”. There is barely anything in it after all this time and any good app that’s $0.99 on the iPhone is $2.99 on Windows phone 7.

      I don’t get it. Why would you let apps be so much more expensive when you know people are hard to convince to use the phone in the first place.

      And these “marketing” compaigns? Get some class Nokia…

  • Anonymous

    Uhhh….I must have missed something. Where is all the funny and/or clever marketing? :/

  • Anonymous

    Funny! And kinda true 🙁
    Let’s face it, the iPhone is pathetically fragile.
    (I have a 4s and a GNex BTW)

    • Yea Windows has it right with all plastic phones, like the Samsubg Focus for example.
      It’s creaky back plastic cover, it’s inexpensive look and feel, and the awesome lightness that makes you feel like you can snap it in half.
      Clearly waaaaaaaaaaaaaay superior than anything else. -_-

      • Anonymous

        I just think its pointless to have such an aesthetically pleasing design, if I have to cover it up with a bulky case.

  • hahaha they make a good point

  • this is low …

  • Anonymous

    A couple of samsung commercials make me laugh, these are just shit, i don’t care if they are about the iPhone or any other phone, the humor is stupid and tasteless.

  • if they are trying to promote they’re product while magnifying the iphone’s weaknesses…this is pathetic. I have had 2 iPhones and I am changing to te HTC One X when it comes out, but no iPhone user will switch to windows phones bc of fragility, antenna problems, or a ‘washed-out’ screen in outdoor settings.

    The best attack on an iPhone is: 1. small screen 2. lack of customization.

  • Always Nokia produces shitophones, don’t get enough brains to make a good mobile.

  • Anonymous

    that phone is one of the nicest “noniphone” hones out there. but it still falls well below the iphone in all areas,.lol

  • In related news, Nokia lost over a billion dollars last year while apple became the biggest company in the world.