Windows Phone 7

Android holds 51% of US smartphone market, iOS at 31%

ComScore is out with a new report this week regarding US smartphone platform marketshare for the March quarter. And the highly-regarded marketing research firm provides an interesting look at the current smartphone landscape by OS.

Google, as you might have expected, is still in the lead with its Android operating system. Apple's iOS is in a [comparatively] close second, and RIM and Microsoft come in at a distant third and fourth. Keep reading for a full breakdown...

Carriers to Nokia: Lumia cannot match the iPhone’s sexyness

You may have heard that some analysts consider Windows Phone a legitimate iPhone contender and have probably read nice things about the new Lumia smartphone brand from Nokia that debuted last October. Lumia is the ailing cellphone giant's inaugural Windows Phone lineup born out of their partnership with Microsoft.

The Lumia 900, Nokia's latest attempt to beat the iPhone at its own game, is backed by millions of Microsoft's marketing dollars and pushed with aggressive anti-Apple advertising. Nevertheless, the handset has apparently fell on def ear with both carriers and bankers.

Nokia lampoons the iPhone with web videos ahead of Lumia 900 launch

AT&T is saying its high-profile launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the United States will dwarf the iPhone. We'll see about that, but if a new Smartphone Betatest website is anything to go by, the Finnish cell phone giant isn't afraid at all to take pot shots at the carrier's 'hero' device.

Specifically, Nokia-posted videos on the site allude to the iPhone 4's perceived weaknesses, including the infamous cellular reception issue that culminated under the controversial Antennagate headline in 2010.

Windows Phone considered legitimate iPhone contender, but has no apps

Earlier today we reported that AT&T is preparing to launch the Nokia Lumia 900 — a Windows Phone handset that the carrier believes could outsell the iPhone when it debuts next month. And according to a new survey, that may not be as crazy as it sounds.

PC World recently conducted a large-scale survey for its annual Readers' Choice Awards. The poll collects consumer feedback on wireless carriers, mobile operating systems, and smartphones. And some of the results may surprise you...

AT&T says its upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 launch will top iPhone

Last October, the iPhone 4S launch set a number of records for both Apple and its carrier partners. AT&T claimed that it sold more than a million units of the popular handset, making it the most successful launch in the company's history.

But apparently the operator believes that it can top that with its upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 launch. The Windows Phone handset, which is scheduled to go on sale early next month, will feature LTE and a tiny $100 price tag...

Microsoft sees Windows Phone passing the iPhone in China

Apparently China is a hot topic today in the smartphone world. Earlier, we reported that the country's Android and iOS device activations finally passed up those in the US. And now it looks like Microsoft wants in.

The company's chief executive officer for the greater China region, Simon Leung, told Bloomberg this morning that Windows Phone will surpass the iPhone in smartphone market share in China by 2016...

Microsoft pits Windows Phone 7 against iPhone in “Windows Phone Challenge”

Microsoft is taking a leaf out of Samsung's playbook by going on the offensive in the battle for smartphone supremacy. With Windows Phone 7 not quite setting the world on fire with huge sales figures and just a 2% market share, Microsoft has apparently decided to go after the competition with a new ad campaign.

Posted to the Windows Phone Facebook page, the new push pits Windows Phone 7 against various other smartphones, including the iPhone, across a range of uses and applications. The premise is that Microsoft's WP7 evangelist Ben Rudolph is offering $100 to anyone who can perform tasks faster on their own handsets than he can on his Windows Phone.

As is to be expected, he's not handed over any money yet...

Microsoft Admits that Windows Phone 7 Was a Response to the iPhone

Microsoft has for the first time admitted that it completely redesigned its Windows Phone 7 smartphone operating system because of the way Apple had changed the market with the iPhone's release back in 2007.

Speaking to The New York Times, Microsoft's Jim Belfiore admitted that Apple "created a sea change" when the iPhone was introduced, and that Microsoft was forced to come up with something unique in order to compete with Apple's new smartphone.

In December 2008 a team at Microsoft sat down and, after a marathon seven-hour meeting, decided that the only course of action was to complete redesign their mobile OS from the ground up. The result is the Windows Phone 7 we see today...

Nokia Exec Thinks iPhone is Boring and Android is Too Complicated

Nokia's got it all figured out. See, youths don't really want to buy an iPhone, it's just so boring. Android isn't quite what buyers are looking for, either. Teens just don't understand what Google has put in front of them. How could they?

Those are the views of outspoken Nokia director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales Niels Munksgaard in an interview with Pocket-Lint. Apparently, he even managed to say it with a straight face!

According to Nokia's man, what do you think is the ideal platform for the youth of today? Windows Phone 7, of course!

10% of US Mobile Subscribers Own iPhones

A new survey carried about by comScore claims that only 1 out of 10 American mobile subscribers own an iPhone, with Apple's handset reaching the 10.8% mark as of October 2011.

The survey also suggests that Samsung is currently the top OEM in the country, with their phones currently in the hands of a quarter of all cellphone owners.

In fact, of the top five OEMs in comScore's chart, Apple sits fourth, behind Samsung (25.5%), LG (20.6%) and Motorola (13.6%). Canadian firm Research In Motion takes fifth place with an ever-decreasing share of the market. Not great times for BlackBerry fans at all...

How to Experience Windows Phone 7 on Your iPhone

Between being nearly three years behind the competition and trying to erase consumers' bad memories of previous devices, Microsoft has its work cut out for it with Windows Phone 7. The platform recently fell below 2% in overall smartphone marketshare.

The Redmond company has come up with a pretty interesting marketing ploy to attract iOS and Android users to its mobile OS: an interactive website. The page fully immerses visitors in Windows Phone's Metro UI, and here's how you can access it...

Siri vs. Microsoft’s Tellme Voice Control Feature

Microsoft and its chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie have been taking a lot of smack over the past couple of days. Mundie made some controversial comments regarding Apple's new Siri feature during a recent interview with Forbes Magazine.

The executive claimed that Microsoft has had Siri-like technology on its Windows Phone platform for over a year, and that Apple's success with it has been the result of "good marketing." But the two systems are miles apart, and here's a video to prove it...