How to Experience Windows Phone 7 on Your iPhone

Between being nearly three years behind the competition and trying to erase consumers’ bad memories of previous devices, Microsoft has its work cut out for it with Windows Phone 7. The platform recently fell below 2% in overall smartphone marketshare.

The Redmond company has come up with a pretty interesting marketing ploy to attract iOS and Android users to its mobile OS: an interactive website. The page fully immerses visitors in Windows Phone’s Metro UI, and here’s how you can access it…


Simply enter in the mobile browser of your iPhone (or Android device), and you’ll be taken to a web version of Windows Phone. You can browse through a number of the platform’s features and see what it’s like to own a WP7 device.

Interaction is limited to Microsoft’s pre-programmed demos, and you don’t really get the full experience of Live Tiles — one of Windows Phone’s best features. But other than that, from what we’ve seen, the site is a fairly good representation of the mobile OS.

We’re still not sure what to make of Windows Phone though. While we like its original, tile-based interface, we can’t help but feel that the rest of the OS seems sort of erratic. Even in the follow-along demo on the website, the presented data got a bit overwhelming.

What do you think of the Windows Phone demo?