Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 demo running live on a PlayStation 5 has sealed the deal for me

Sony's next PlayStation console is coming in the fourth quarter of 2020. As impressive as the beastly hardware specifications released in October 2019 are, they don't paint the full picture of what avid gamers can expect in their next-generation consoles, but this remarkable real-time demo of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 running live on a PlayStation 5 console surely does.

Video: hands-on with Apple ARKit demo app

To help developers prepare for the arrival of iOS 11 and ARKit, Apple has made a demo application available to download and check out. If you have the prerequisites, it is actually very easy to get up and going with ARKit to try it out for yourself.

ARKit demos: jumping between planes, people tracking, alien invasion, Tic-Tac-Toe & more

Apple's ARKit framework is slowly but surely emerging as one of the best new features in iOS 11. Many developers have built everything from virtual tape measures and Minecraft to ballerinas made out of wood dancing on floors. It's remarkable that most of the ARKit demos we've seen so far were built in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months.

Today, we want to highlight a few additional ARKit demos that we've curated. These videos highlight ARKit's incredibly reliable and accurate tracking features that don't require any special hardware beyond the sensors and the camera already present in your iPhone or iPad.

First up, we have this demo showing jumping between different planes.

ARKit automatically detects horizontal surfaces, called planes, such as tables and floors, and can track and place objects on smaller feature points as well. This is all handled automatically, with uncanny precision, using only data from your iOS device's camera and sensors.

The following pair of videos demonstrate a virtual character interacting with the environment by autonomously jumping a flight of stairs and between different surfaces of the real world.

Interactions between virtual objects and real people are easy as a pie with ARKit.

The Tracking Monster demo, seen below, uses ARKit and the Unity engine to track a monster with the dynamically updated shadows based on changing lighting conditions in the real world.

Maze games will never be the same!

Speaking of games, here's Tic-Tac-Tio in augmented reality, developed By Bjarne Lundgren.

And last but not least, Mixed Reality Design posted the following example of an augmented reality app depicting an alien vessel hovering ominously above a construction site.

Hollywood will soon invade your smartglasses airspace → fact

— Mixed Reality Design (@MixedrealityD) July 4, 2017

Head over to the Mixed Reality Design's Twitter account for more AR examples like this.

While it's not entirely clear that this particular demo uses ARKit, it does highlight the possibilities for AR movie trailers that could be coming soon to your phone.

Be sure to check out other interesting ARKit apps and demos, including an upcoming furniture-ordering app from Ikea, a measuring tape that blew up on the web, an ARKit-powered VR mode in Maps, an inter-dimensional portal and much more.

“I think there is a gigantic runway that we have here with the iPhone and the iPad,” Apple executive Greg Joswiak said of ARKit in a recent interview with The Australian. “The fact we have a billion of these devices out there is quite an opportunity for developers.”

How do you like these ARKit demos? Which one is your favorite, and why? Chime in with your thoughts and observations in the comments section below.

New ARKit demos: Tesla Model 3, food ordering & inter-dimensional portal

With the new ARKit framework for building augmented reality (AR) apps, Apple is turning existing iOS devices into the largest AR platform in the world.

We previously shared a bunch of interesting ARKit demos showcasing the possibilities of the framework, including an upcoming furniture-ordering app from Ikea, a measuring tape, an ARKit-powered VR mode in Maps and more.

Today, we're highlight three more examples of ARKit-driven apps: a Tesla Model 3 app by an impatient fan, an example of an inter-dimensional portal in the middle of the street and an app that promises to change how we order food.

First up, a demo app by an impatient Tesla fan who couldn't wait for his ordered Model 3 so he made this ARKit-powered app that lets him drive around a virtual Model 3 in his real world, activate the headlights and so forth.

@elonmusk Couldn't wait 4 my #Model3, so made this AR app, what do you think? #ARkit

— Jelmer Verhoog (@JelmerVerhoog) July 1, 2017

Food ordering will never be the same, says developer Alper Guler who created an ARKit-driven app which renders various foods on your table that you can pan around, zoom in and out, rotate and more.

And last but not least, we have French consulting agency Nedd which came up with a great example of AR+VR, via

Before signing off, here's a quick volumetric capture example with ARKit.


— Made With ARKit (@madewithARKit) June 27, 2017

Very impressive so far, don't you think?

Watch new ARKit demos: Minecraft and measuring tape

The website dedicated to highlighting cool apps made with Apple's new ARKit framework, was updated today with a pair of new video demonstrations showing off some of the augmented reality possibilities coming to iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 this fall.

The first demo has the user selecting two spots in the real world, as viewed through an iPhone's lens, to calculate the distance between them, transforming the device into a working tape measure. That's a great example of the power of the ARKit framework.

The app was built by Laan Labs and, like other ARKit-enabled apps, uses an iOS device's camera along with sensor data to precisely find horizontal planes in the real world, such as tables, floors and other objects.

You can beta-test the app by signing up at

Measure distances with your iPhone. Just because you can. Clever little #ARKit app by @BalestraPatrick

— Made With ARKit (@madewithARKit) June 25, 2017

Laan Labs has other examples of proof-of-concept apps built using ARKit on their Twitter, like the following example of impressive 3D drawing in augmented reality.

As for an AR-enabled Minecraft, we don't know if Minecraft creator Mojang is working on one, but that didn't stop developer Matthew Hallberg from recreating Minecraft in AR using the ARKit framework and the Unity engine.

By superimposing Minecraft building blocks on top of the real-world, and taking advantage of ARKit's super accurate tracking, the user is able to walk around their environment and place Minecraft blocks at arbitrary spots. “I love that you are able to place life size objects because the tracking with ARkit is so good,” Matthew said.

Apple is also using ARKit tracking for an impressive virtual reality mode in Apple Maps on iOS 11. The Cupertino giant is even helping Ikea build an ARKit-powered app which will let you try out virtual furniture at home before purchasing it.

ARKit requires a device with an Apple A9 or A10 chip because those processors deliver “breakthrough performance that enables fast scene understanding and lets you build detailed and compelling virtual content on top of real-world scenes,” as per Apple.

How do you like the aforementioned ARKit demos? Are you looking forward to augmented reality-enabled apps, and why? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section.

Create your perfect Apple Watch with this web tool

Apple's Watch release is still at least a month away, but thanks to 'mix your watch,' you can start building one now. The interactive web tool allows you to create your perfect Apple Watch by customizing the case color, band color and band material.

It uses stock images from Apple's website, and an image-based UI that allows you to customize each element. So if you want to see what a dark aluminum case would look like with a black leather band, simply select them, and watch the colors change.

Auxo 2 jailbreak tweak coming to Cydia April 2nd

Good news jailbreakers. The dev group A3 tweaks announced earlier today that Auxo 2, the highly anticipated sequel to their original jailbreak tweak, is nearing completion and should be ready for release sometime this week.

We first saw evidence of Auxo 2 at the beginning of the month, when the group's UI designer Sentry posted a pair of 6-second video clips teasing some of the tweak's features. And today, a much longer trailer has been posted...

Video demo shows rumored 4-inch iPhone display in action

The 4-inch display rumored to debut in Apple's next smartphone has received mixed reactions from the tech community. It has a resolution of 1136 x 640, meaning it's the same width as before, just a bit taller. And some folks don't like that.

Why would Apple make the display in the new iPhone taller but not wider? We're sure it has its technical reasons, but the elongated screen, to us, seems like it would improve things like movie-watching and games. Here, watch this video...

Chronic Dev Team Shows Off iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak On Video

We've been waiting for months to see evidence that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is indeed ready for prime time, and pod2g of the Chronic Dev Team has just released a demo video of the iOS 5 untether to wet our appetites.

The simple video indicates that the highly-anticipated jailbreak is nearly ready. However, we don't have an exact ETA on when it will arrive.

How to Experience Windows Phone 7 on Your iPhone

Between being nearly three years behind the competition and trying to erase consumers' bad memories of previous devices, Microsoft has its work cut out for it with Windows Phone 7. The platform recently fell below 2% in overall smartphone marketshare.

The Redmond company has come up with a pretty interesting marketing ploy to attract iOS and Android users to its mobile OS: an interactive website. The page fully immerses visitors in Windows Phone's Metro UI, and here's how you can access it...