Video demo shows rumored 4-inch iPhone display in action

The 4-inch display rumored to debut in Apple’s next smartphone has received mixed reactions from the tech community. It has a resolution of 1136 x 640, meaning it’s the same width as before, just a bit taller. And some folks don’t like that.

Why would Apple make the display in the new iPhone taller but not wider? We’re sure it has its technical reasons, but the elongated screen, to us, seems like it would improve things like movie-watching and games. Here, watch this video…

The folks over at MacRumors commissioned a graphic artist to create this clip, which gives us a good look at what using apps, playing games, and watching movies will be like on the anticipated 4-inch display. And to be honest, we like it.

Naturally, movies look better on the wider screen in landscape mode, as most are shot in the 16:9 widescreen format. And games seem like they would also benefit from the extra real estate, allowing for larger controls and more onscreen action.

In portrait mode, the elongated screen will allow you to view more content — more tweets, more emails, more messages, etc. — on a handset that’s still going to be fairly operable with one hand. Remember it’s the same width as the iPhone 4S.

Obviously, all of this is just speculation until Apple itself unveils the new iPhone at next month’s media event. But several consistent reports and part leaks have all-but-confirmed the 4-inch display. So needless to say, we’re expecting it.

What are your thoughts on the longer display? Did the video change your perspective?