New video comparison of several iPhone 5 and 4S parts

Apple’s suppliers must be speeding up production on next-gen iPhone parts, because the component leaks are becoming more and more frequent. Just a few days ago we were looking at the handset’s dock assembly and rear casing, and now this.

A new video has surfaced tonight, which compares several parts from Apple’s next-generation smartphone to their iPhone 4S counterparts. The clip gives a close-up look at the new iPhone’s front panel, dock connector and other internal pieces…


MacRumors shares the video, which was shot and uploaded by repair firm SmartPhone Medic. The footage doesn’t reveal much new information about the handset, but it does give us a better look at the next-gen iPhone parts we’ve been seeing for months.

In fact, these components match up perfectly with previous leaks. The larger display, the relocated FaceTime camera, and the smaller port — it’s all there. If you’re still skeptical on their legitimacy at this point, I’d like to invite you to a poker game.

Of course, we have yet to see the next-gen iPhone’s more interesting parts. We still don’t know what processor it’ll come with, the amount of RAM it’ll have or the size of its camera sensor. Perhaps the device will come with a few surprises after all.