AT&T says its upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 launch will top iPhone

Last October, the iPhone 4S launch set a number of records for both Apple and its carrier partners. AT&T claimed that it sold more than a million units of the popular handset, making it the most successful launch in the company’s history.

But apparently the operator believes that it can top that with its upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 launch. The Windows Phone handset, which is scheduled to go on sale early next month, will feature LTE and a tiny $100 price tag…

AT&T device head Jeff Bradley spoke with CNET today regarding the device. He said that between its specs, price tag, and an upcoming advertising blitz, the Lumia launch will be the biggest thing AT&T has ever done. And that includes the iPhone launch.

“AT&T and Nokia are readying a massive television marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness. The Lumia 900 will be the centerpiece at AT&T stores, with massive signs and posters promoting the device. Nokia and AT&T spent considerable time training store reps, and a majority of them will be carrying one with them at all times.”

Although this may all seem like overkill, there are a lot of folks riding on this handset’s success. There’s Nokia, for starters, who is trying to regain some of its smartphone market share that it’s surrendered to iOS and Android over the past few years.

And then there’s Microsoft. The Redmond company also held a nice chunk of the smartphone market at one point. But its latest mobile platform attempt, Windows Phone, has failed to garner much traction in the space. The company desperately needs a breakout hit.

AT&T also appears to have a lot invested in the handset launch, which is weird because it’s been known as “the” iPhone carrier since 2007. It’ll be interesting to see, with the weight of three major companies behind it, if the Lumia 900 can live up to all of the hype.

What do you think? Can Nokia’s handset launch top the iPhone?