How to watch a YouTube video that’s unavailable in your country

This video is not available and The uploader has not made this video available in your country errors in the YouTube app

In this tutorial, we will share what to do if you try to play a YouTube video on your phone or computer, but all you get is an error message saying, “This video is not available,” “This video isn't available anymore. Go to Home,” “Video unavailable. This video is not available,” or “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

How to fix a VPN not working on your iPhone or iPad

iPhone showing a working VPN on screen

Are you unable to use a VPN on your iOS device? This may be because the VPN app stays stuck on the "connecting" screen. Or, sometimes, even after it seems that you have connected successfully to a VPN, websites may not load at all!

In this guide, we have listed all the top solutions to fix the most common VPN issues on your iPhone or iPad.

Notice more battery drain while using a VPN? Here’s why…

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) adds a middleman between you and the end server in an internet connection, acting as a relay that helps enhance your privacy. It does this by cloaking your real location, and in many cases, encrypting your internet traffic to prevent snoopers from seeing what you’re doing as you browse the web.

This tweak makes it easier to discern when you’re connected to a VPN on notched iPhones

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs for short, have become an increasingly popular way for consumers to keep their data private and secure while browsing the web via a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

On iPhones, a VPN icon will be displayed in the Status Bar after you connect to one. But notched iPhones like the iPhone X and later minimize the VPN indicator to interfaces with full-sized Status Bar due to size constraints, such as that of Control Center.