CCVPN adds rootless jailbreak support, enabling Control Center-based VPN toggling

Rootless jailbreak users who take advantage of VPNs to bolster their internet privacy will be happy to know that iOS developer KingPuffDaddi has updated the CCVPN tweak to support the Dopamine and palera1n-c rootless jailbreaks for iOS & iPadOS 15 and 16.

CCVPN toggle for Control Center.

As we showed you in our initial review post last year, CCVPN adds a toggle button to Control Center that Apple probably should have put there from the start: a means of turning your VPN on and off on demand with little effort.

When you install CCVPN, you will find a new option for a Control Center toggle that lets you enable or disable your VPN from Control Center, as shown above, much like you can toggle other things from Control Center.

Indeed, what seems like such a commonsense toggle for ordinary users was seemingly forgotten about by Apple’s software engineers when creating Control Center, and the jailbreak community needed to step in to fill those shoes. Is your mind blown yet?

The CCVPN toggle is available as a free download from the BigBoss repository via any package manager app of your choosing, and supports pwned iOS 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 devices.

If you use the rootless Dopamine or palera1n-c iOS or iPadOS 15 or 16 jailbreak, do you plan to take advantage of  CCVPN? Let us know in the comments section down below.