New to Mac? Here’s all the tools in the Mac Utilities folder

macOS Utilities Folder

If you’ve just purchased your first Mac, and especially if you’re coming from Windows, you might be wondering about the Utilities folder. You may see the folder but have yet to open it or you might be looking for a specific tool and don’t realize it’s in that folder.

Whatever the case, we’re here with another in our New to Mac series to help you out! We’ll explain what’s in the Utilities folder and what each tool is for.

Setapp Mac app subscription service adds team support

Setapp for Teams Beta

Setapp is a subscription service aimed at Mac users created by MacPaw Inc. The service provides access to more than 160 applications for $9.99 per month. Up until now, only individual memberships have been available. Starting today, though, MacPaw is offering Setapp for Teams. The company is providing early access to the new teams feature as a public beta.

How to quickly zip and unzip files and folders on Mac

Unzip Archive File on Mac

If you need to send a few files, compressing them into a ZIP file helps to reduce their size and makes them easier to send. There might even be a time when you need to zip a few folders. Luckily, your Mac comes with a built-in tool to do this and that same tool is used behind the scenes when you need to unzip files or folders you receive.

If you haven’t done this yet, we’re here to help. Here’s how to quickly zip and unzip files and folders on your Mac.

Sound Control lets you set per-app volume controls on your Mac

In this week’s episode of “Let’s Talk iOS,” Sebastien and Cody shared frustration over the lack of granular audio control on iOS and macOS. While iOS remains a point of frustration, a simple Mac utility called Sound Control gives users exactly what the name implies.

Sound Control enables application-specific volume sliders on the Mac. In addition to  Menu Bar controls, Sound Control can also be configured with user-defined keyboard shortcuts to adjust the level of a foreground app, or mute any background app.

Pocketdex app by Majd Alfhaily and Surenix complements Pokémon GO

Although fewer people are as excited to play Pokémon GO today as when the game first launched last Summer, it still stands as one of the world’s most popular mobile games.

A new Pokémon GO companion app called Pocketdex is now available on the App Store, and was created with love by two prominent members of the jailbreak community: iOS developer Majd Alfhaily and graphic designer Surenix.

ActIf 2 brings conditional statement support to Activator

To say Activator is a useful tool for jailbreakers is an understatement; the popular extension is by far one of the most powerful tools ever designed for jailbroken devices, and its popularity today is a testament to how the classics never die.

Despite how useful it is out of the box, you can now make it even more powerful with a new jailbreak tweak dubbed ActIf 2 by iOS developer Jay Zuerndorfer, which adds support for conditional statements.

IconCert lets you know when your Yalu certificate expires

The Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak, just like the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak before it, is a semi-untethered jailbreak. This means you must re-sign the jailbreak app after 7 days with Cydia Impactor in order to keep your jailbreak app functioning after a reboot.

A new free jailbreak tweak called IconCert by iOS developer faz helps you keep better track of your Yalu app’s signing status so you can take the proper action to re-sign it accordingly.

Go Radar update adds better Pokémon scanner and improvements to zoom

Ever since the removal of the footsteps feature from Pokémon GO, the crowdsource-based Go Radar app from the App Store has quickly become one of the most popular ways to help with Pokémon tracking.

The latest update (version 2.0) brings Pokémon scanning functionality that users have been requesting for some time, as well as improvements to the app's workflow that helps users get more out of it.

How to customize the look of Terminal

Many people use Terminal on their Mac to carry out the commands they want to use to make changes on their system, and by default it's a plain white interface with black text. Because this is simply boring, we're going to show you in this tutorial how you can colorize the Terminal window to look exactly how you want it to.

How to view and clear the command history of the Terminal app

If you've ever wanted to see a running history of all the Terminal commands you've used on your Mac, or that you suspect another user of your Mac has used, there is a simple command you can run.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can view your Terminal command history, as well as clear your command history from being seen by unwanted eyes.

Office Lens converts scanned paper documents to editable Word files

For those of you that still use hard copies for all your important documents, or have physical business cards, photographs, whiteboards, and other important information that are looking for a way to digitize it and even modify it after the fact, Microsoft's Office Lens app will be your best friend.

Office Lens, which is a free download from the App Store, allows you to scan these kinds of information and media and can create software versions of them to make sharing and editing easier so you can get rid of the filing cabinet taking up space in your home or office.

In this tutorial, we'll give you some background on the app and show you how you can use it to scan and then edit documents in Word.

Browserism review: quickly switch between browsers on Mac

Some people have different needs from different web browsers. One may have a specific function that another does not. But, you may like them both for different purposes.

Browserism is a shortcut app for OS X that makes it possible for you to quickly switch between web browsers with just a click or the stroke of a key. We've got a full app review of Browserism for you below. Find out if it is right for you.