Setapp Mac app subscription service adds team support

Setapp for Teams BetaSetapp is a subscription service aimed at Mac users created by MacPaw Inc. The service provides access to more than 160 applications for $9.99 per month. Up until now, only individual memberships have been available. Starting today, though, MacPaw is offering Setapp for Teams. The company is providing early access to the new teams feature as a public beta.

While Apple Arcade has gotten the bulk of publicity lately, it’s worth remembering that it’s not the only subscription service available to Mac users. Setapp has set itself apart since it launched in 2016 for providing a much broader range of apps than simply games to the Mac for one low subscription fee.

In fact, Setapp provides full access to more than 160 apps ranging from productivity software to task management utilities, developer tools, and more. Popular apps available through Setapp include Ulysses, Cloud Outliner, MindNode, BusyCal, PDFpen and Focused. The subscription service works without apps or in-app purchases.

Setapp for Teams provides unified billing and administrative functions to enable businesses and small workgroups to manage their subscription. Setapp is free for the first 30 days.

Setapp for Teams is priced starting at $8.99 per month per user, per device, for four team members. Additional devices cost $7.99. The company can provide custom pricing for larger workgroups and organizations.