How to get receipts for subscriptions on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Purchase Receipts on iPhone

For paid apps and services, do you need a copy of your purchase receipt? Maybe your company reimburses you for certain purchases or your accountant needs the details for your tax deductions. Whatever the case may be, you can obtain receipts for subscriptions to both apps and services.

To make things even easier, you can also enable a setting to receive your future subscription renewal receipts via email. Then, just forward them to whomever needs them!

Here, you’ll learn how to see current subscription receipts, get future ones via email, and how to do both of these on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to upgrade to Apple One from existing subscriptions and storage plans

Choose an Apple One Plan on iPhone

Apple offers some terrific services for music, games, storage, and more. And if you’re a current subscriber to one or more, then checking out the Apple One plans is definitely worth your time. You can save some money by paying one monthly price for a service bundle.

We’ve walked you through the Apple One plans available and how to subscribe. But if you’re a current subscriber to things like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage, you may be wondering how to upgrade from your existing plans and what happens to those subscriptions.

How to view purchases and manage subscriptions in the App Store on Apple Watch

Apple Watch App Store Account Options

As an Apple Watch owner, you already know of the many ways your wearable can benefit you. And when Apple introduced a standalone App Store app on Apple Watch, it was another great feature. You no longer have to open the store on your iPhone to browse or download apps for your Watch.

Along with this terrific way to get apps, the App Store also lets you manage your account, right from your wrist. Although limited, you can still do things like view purchases and manage subscriptions and here’s how.