Go Radar update adds better Pokémon scanner and improvements to zoom

Pokemon GO Radar app 2

Ever since the removal of the footsteps feature from Pokémon GO, the crowdsource-based Go Radar app from the App Store has quickly become one of the most popular ways to help with Pokémon tracking.

The latest update (version 2.0) brings Pokémon scanning functionality that users have been requesting for some time, as well as improvements to the app’s workflow that helps users get more out of it.

The all new Pokémon scanner

One of the first things you’ll notice after the update is there are now two buttons at the bottom of the app, as opposed to just the one that was there before the new update.

Go Radar Scanner

Tapping on the one to the right with the magnifying glass on it brings up a new Pokémon scanner interface that lets you look for Pokémon nearby. In some cases, it even shows you some of the Pokémons’ stats.

Tapping on anything that shows up in the scanner immediately takes you to the map in the app and takes you straight to the location of the Pokémon. This allows you to skip the hassle of having to search the map yourself to find a specific Pokémon you want.

As you’ve always been able to do, you can then tap on the Pokémon from the map and get directions to it.

Smoother zooming

It used to be that the app wouldn’t load Pokémon on the map anymore once you zoomed out far enough, but version 2.0 addresses this concern with much better zoom support. Now, when you zoom way out of the map to see what’s nearby, the map compensates for heavy Pokémon presence with consolidated indicators:

Go Radar Zoom

These indicators change dynamically as you zoom in and out of the map and they do so at a much faster rate than they did before version 2.0. This means it’s not only easier to track Pokémon in your area when you’re panning over a wide viewing area, but you’ll find that the zooming experience is much more fluid and you’ll spend less time waiting for the map to buffer.

Other changes

Most of the app’s other changes are minor, including bug fixes, but we also spotted this Easter Egg that hints at the ability to buy out the app’s ads in the future:

GO Radar As Removal

This setting was not present in the previous version of Go Radar, and in this version the button remains very much inactive. This suggests that the developer is testing the feature and may activate the ability to buy out the app’s ads via in-app-purchase in another future update.

If you’re already a Go Radar user, then you can grab version 2.0 of the app from the App Store‘s updates tab. Alternatively, you can also head over to the App Store where you can download it for free.

Note: As a general warning, use of Pokémon trackers is against Niantic’s Pokémon GO terms of service. We do not condone cheating, so you use this app to track Pokémon in your area at your own risk. We’re not responsible if you get banned from the game for not following the rules.