How to configure and use electric vehicle routing in Apple Maps on the iPhone and iPad

The Apple Maps electric vehicle routing feature helps environmentally-conscious drivers plan trips with supported electric cars by automatically adding charging stops along their route. With it, an iOS device offers to route you to the nearest charging station when your charge gets too low. Follow along with us to learn how to set up and use electric vehicle routing in Maps.

How to share your ETA in Apple Maps with Siri

As you follow turn-by-turn driving directions in Apple Maps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you have the option to let others know your estimated time of arrival (ETA). That being said, however, responsible drivers shouldn't really be taking their eyes off the wheel to tap through the menus. Thankfully, in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can ask Siri to share your ETA, hands-free. In this tutorial, you're going to learn how to share your ETA in Apple Maps with Siri.

How to show and recognize traffic conditions in Apple Maps

Roadwork Marker in Apple Maps iPhone

There’s nothing worse than venturing out on the open road only to be slowed down by an accident, construction, or a closed road up ahead. Luckily, Apple Maps can show you these types of traffic conditions before they turn your short drive into a long one.

Here’s how to display and recognize these types of traffic conditions in Apple Maps, both on your iOS device and your Mac.

How to remove metadata from photos on Mac

A MacBook and iMac kept on a table

Striping away the photo information like location (longitude, latitude), camera name, etc., ensures your sensitive details aren't disclosed unknowingly to people and apps with whom you share the images. So, here are four ways to remove the Exif metadata from pictures on your Mac.

How to remove the GPS location from photos on Mac

Location Information Photos Export

If you have Location Services enabled for your iPhone Camera, then you probably enjoy browsing through the Places album. You can see where photos were taken to relive some wonderful moments.

But what if you don’t want that location information included in specific photos? Maybe you want to post one on social media, but not let everyone know where you live. Or you might simply have another reason for not wanting to share the location of a photo.

We’ve shown you how to remove the geolocation from photos on iPhone. So what about on Mac?

If you’re working with photos on your Mac, here are a few ways that you can remove the GPS location from photos.