iOS 15’s Maps app takes into account weather warnings like flash floods for your car journeys

iOS 15’s redesigned Maps app now factors weather warnings when suggesting navigation routes to help you avoid flooded roads, snowstorms and more when planning your next journey.


  • Apple Maps now factors weather incidents when suggesting routes
  • You can then take a safer route to avoid severe weather conditions
  • Use this to avoid flooded roads and the like on your next trip
  • Or use it to become a storm chaser, if you like

WWDC20 slide showing some of the key new iPhone features in iOS 15

Better navigation with iOS 15 Maps weather warnings

Planning your journeys just became a lot easier thanks to Apple Maps on iOS 15, which now factors weather warnings when suggesting routes for turn-by-turn car navigation.

Apple Maps fans can take advantage of this useful feature addition when planning their next trip to make sure they avoid flooded roads and dirt roads or getting stuck in a snowstorm in the mountains, as an example. And if you’re unable to avoid weather incidents like flash floods, at least now you can see how much longer it will take to drive through the floods.

This feature was added in the third beta of iOS 15, according to a user on Reddit.

3D landmarks in Apple Maps on iOS 15

As we reported earlier, Apple Maps has undergone several significant changes in iOS 15.

These include immersive AR-based walking instructions in select cities, much more detailed city maps with various 3D models for landmarks, new driving features (like showing turn lanes, bike lanes and crosswalks), various transit enhancements and more. There is also a new dedicated driving map that will show you traffic conditions and any incidents on the road.

Apple is currently testing iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 with its registered developers and public beta testers, with a few more betas left before a Golden Master candidate, is proclaimed. Both software updates are scheduled to release publicly for all iPhone and iPad users this fall.