Twelve South

Star Wars inspired dual screen wallpapers by Twelve South

Popularized by their BookBook device cases and modern items like their picture frame wireless charger, Twelve South is known for their high quality hardware.

But, did you know they also make some incredible dual screen wallpapers, like these Star Wars inspired “Neo City” versions? The dunes of a sandy world are captured in this artist’s interpretation of Neo City, which features architectural elements reminiscent of cities found in another far away galaxy, perhaps from a long time ago.

Twelve South launches the PowerPic mod, a redesigned wireless charger and picture frame

Twelve South is a company known for making great accessories for a range of Apple devices. Wireless chargers, for instance, are one such option. A few years ago the company launched a wireless charger that actually doubled as a picture frame, one of the more unique charging solutions out there. And now they are back with a new version, which looks even better than the first.