Twelve South’s BookBook leather case for iPhone 13 is here, and it works with MagSafe

BookBook for iPhone 13 is here! That’s right, Twelve South’s best-selling leather case that resembles a vintage book is now available for Apple’s latest smartphone models.

Image credit: Twelve South


  • Twelve South launches its BookBook leather case for the iPhone 13 series
  • It combines a wallet and an iPhone case into a luxurious leather book
  • The case features a total of four cards slots, plus extra room for cash
  • It’s available for all iPhone 13 models, including the biggest one
  • It’s compatible with MagSafe chargers and other accessories

BookBook for iPhone 13 is now available from Twelve South

For those unfamiliar with BookBook, it combines a leather wallet and an iPhone case into a little luxurious leather book that looks like a Harry Potter spellbook. The case does add bulk and weight to your phone, but that’s the price you pay in exchange for total protection.

More importantly, the new BookBook takes full advantage of Apple’s MagSafe technology built into the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. This lets BookBook work not only with Apple’s own MagSafe-based charger but also with other MagSafe accessories. With MagSafe, your iPhone 13 is also securely held in a leather shell. But unlike older BookBooks, the shell itself now uses MagSafe technology.

Image credit: Twelve South

This lets you easily detach the phone held in the shell from the wallet. You could do that before, but it’s now easier than ever to¬†separate the wallet and the phone. This is very practical if you need to quickly put the phone on a charger, for example.

There are four slots for cards like your Apple Card, IDs and some room for cash.

Image credit: Twelve South

Twelve South recommends keeping the titanium Apple Card specifically in the card slot with the window for added protection. First, it keeps your Apple Card stain-free. And second, it keeps the metal edges of your card away from the iPhone screen.

The card slot sports a thumb-slide for quickly accessing your cards.

Should you buy BookBook for your iPhone 13?

Everyone who is a fan of sophisticated leather cases and nicely designed accessories with a premium feel should consider the new BookBook for iPhone 13 (it’s also available for older iPhones). That’s especially the case (pun intended) if you want total protection for your phone and don’t mind the bulk.

Twelve South says that quantities are limited at launch.

Image credit: Twelve South

So if you’re interested in the new BookBook for iPhone 13, you might want to place your pre-order as soon as possible to guarantee early shipment. BookBook for iPhone 13 is available via the Twelve South web store, as well as from and other retailers.

The case is available in Black or Brown, priced at $70 regardless of your iPhone 13 size.