Twelve South’s HiRise Pro MacBook stand now doubles as a MagSafe iPhone charger

With a hidden chamber for a MagSafe disc charger, Twelve South’s refreshed HiRise Pro Stand will elevate your MacBook and charge your iPhone simultaneously.

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MacBook Pro on twelve South's HiRise Pro stand, with an iPhone charging on its base
A laptop stand that’s MagSafe-ready | Image: Twelve South
  • Accessory maker Twelve South has refreshed its MacBook stand, the HiRise Pro, with a housing in the base for your MagSafe disc charger.
  • You can now use the updated HiRise Pro to both elevate your Mac notebook to eye level and charge your iPhone below the laptop.
  • This is the first complete redesign of the HiRise Pro, unveiled in 2012.

Twelve South’s HiRise Pro is now MagSafe-ready

The base of Twelve South's HiRise Pro laptop stand showing a MagSafe disc charger in a built-in compartment
The stealthy MagSafe charger compartment | Image: Twelve South

Made of metal with vegan leather trim, the updated HiRise Pro includes a stealthy chamber for the Apple MagSafe Charger at its base. You’ll need to supply your own MagSafe charger, which Apple sells for $39, because it’s not included in the box. The best thing about the new accessory is that your MagSafe charger remains hidden.

Simply drop your iPhone (or AirPods) on the HiRise Pro base and MagSafe takes it from there. You can just as easily detach the charger from your HiRise Pro—simply lift the stand to pop out the MagSafe charger.

Twelve South says the integrated MagSafe housing works with other magnetic disc chargers as long as they’re 55mm x 5mm in size, like Apple’s MagSafe charger.

“We’ve tested several options like the Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charger and the JSAUX Magnetic Wireless Charger and both fit great,” the company notes.

Our take: We’re all for streamlined workspaces

Male hand dropping an iPhone on the base of Twelve South's HiRise Pro stand
Twelve South’s double-duty laptop stand | Image: Twelve South

Admittedly, a circular charging puck attached to a cord sounds like an excellent idea (on paper). I purchased my MagSafe charging disc when the iPhone 12 debuted MagSafe. However, it’s been collecting dust in the drawer most of the time as I found the charger impractical for everyday use because it easily slips off the table.

Now, I also happen to own a HiRise Pro stand that I use whenever I’m working on my MacBook Pro rather than being chained to my desktop writing station.

Office setup with the MagSafe-ready Twelve South HiRise Pro stand
Elevating your laptop and charging your phone | Image: Twelve South

I like being able to adjust its height between 2.5 to 6-inches (6.35 cm to 15.24 cm), which gives me the legibility to work comfortably on my notebook, conduct FaceTime calls and align my MacBook Pro with my external monitor—allowing me to sit and type on my MacBook ergonomically, without tilting my head down.

The updated HiRise Pro can replace two accessories—your existing laptop stand (or a pile of books) and your MagSafe charger—with an elegant two-in-one solution to help tidy up your workspace. Read: Work-from-home tips for Apple users

And best of all, the new HiRis Pro will deginitelly breathe new life into your MagSafe disc charger, which has been pretty useless if you’re anything like me.

Pricing and availability

Adjusting the height of Twelve South's HiRise Pro laptop stand
HiRise Pro is a height-adjustable stand | Image: Twelve South

The updated HiRise Pro fits all MacBook models, ranging from the 11-inch MacBook Air to the 16-inch MacBook Pro and most notebooks from other vendors.

The HiRise Pro is available from Amazon or the Twelve South store, priced at $99.99.

The company continues to offer the regular HiRise Pro version without MagSafe compatibility; you can get it via Amazon or the Twelve South store for $79.99.