MacBook Air

The Epomaker NT68 is a compact mechanical keyboard designed to sit on top of your MacBook’s keyboard

If you're a fan of mechanical keyboards, but feel forced to use a scissor-switch keyboard instead (or, worse, Apple's butterfly keyboard!), then Epomaker may have just unveiled a worthwhile option for you.

This new mechanical keyboard (via The Verge) is a compact option, designed to be easily portable so you can bring it with you wherever you might need to get some typing done. The idea is pretty unique, albeit not exclusive: a small keyboard that's designed to sit right on top of the built-in keyboard on your MacBook. Size wise, it'll fit right atop the 12-inch MacBook's butterfly keyboard.

Awesome laptop backpacks you can buy now

So, you're in the market for a backpack. Whatever your reasons, whether it's educational, just wanting to get around town without worrying about a side-carry, or whatever else it might be, it's a backpack you're after. Well, we've got a great roundup for you.

Do you like the MacBook Pro Touch Bar?

More often than not, Apple does a good job when it comes to hardware and software. After all, it's Apple. One of the few true juggernauts in the tech industry. And they accomplished that feat by doing right by the customer, and what the customer wants, over the years.

The best stands for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Keeping your work space tidy is important. There are a variety of ways to do this, and it all comes down to the devices you have in front of you. And how you want it all to look, of course. So this week we're looking at some great stands for your MacBook Air and/or MacBook Pro.

macOS 12 may be called Monterey or Mammoth

With this year's Worldwide Developers Conference set to start next week, we're going to get a lot of answers for questions floating around out there. Of course, one of those questions is what Apple plans on calling the next version of its desktop operating system. It's always fun to watch Apple unveil it, and this year will probably be no different.