Twelve South’s BackPack aluminum shelf is now available for Apple Studio Display

The stylish accessory can now also be attached to the back of Apple’s Studio Display so you can hide hard drives, cables and dongles behind the monitor.

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Twelve South’s BackPack debuted as far back as 2010. This stylish aluminum shelf was initially designed to attach to the back of your iMac or Apple Studio Display.

The BackPack has been updated for Apple’s Studio Display

Twelve South's BackPack for Apple Studio Display showcasing a plastic toy
BackPack’s aluminum design matches Apple aesthetics | Image: Twelve South

The BackPack provides a small, custom-fitted platform to hold things like hard drives, USB-C hubs, dongles and other gadgets you’d like to hide from plain sight. Sitting right above the iMac stand’s circular cable management hole, the BackPack makes it easy to route cables completely behind the iMac or Studio Display stand.

The accessory was redesigned over the years to fit Apple’s evolving iMac design. On February 8, 2023, Twelve South announced a new BackPack version that has been reworked to fit Apple’s Studio Display.

Twelve South's BackPack for Apple Studio Display with a hard drive resting on it
BackPacks helps declutter your work desk | Image: Twelve South

The accessory still features a vented design that ensures proper airflow to support powered devices such as hard drives and flash drives. Like before, the BackPack comes with a peripheral strap for top or bottom storage—basically, an Apple Watch-like band that lets you strap gear to the top and bottom of your BackPack. Read: How to manage settings for external Mac displays

Twelve South says the BackPack can also “display your thriving succulents, business cards or artwork to fit your office or work-from-home aesthetic.”

Pricing and availability

Twelve South's BackPack shelf attached to the iMac stand
It also fits the Apple silicon iMac | Image: Twelve South

The BackPack is available in a silver finish. Priced at $45, the refreshed BackPack that fits the Studio Display is available via Amazon, and the Twelve South webstore. The accessory is available in versions for the 24-inch iMac and Apple Studio Display, and the original model for the Cinema Display and Intel-based iMacs.

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