Twelve South

Charleston barrier islands dual screen wallpapers for Mac

Typically, our Wallpaper of the Week collection is focused on mobile devices, iPads and iPhones. This week we present a special collection of dual screen wallpapers for multiple Mac sizes and a bonus download for iPhone and iPad as well. Check out these incredibly vibrant images by Jason Ogden, curated by popular Apple accessory maker Twelve South.

Twelve South Fermata headphone and charging stand declutters your desk for a premium price

As part of a Work From Home (WFH) mini series, I am taking a look at some gadgets that are helping me stay organized and focused during shelter-in-place. Decluttering my home workspace has been a key to some focused success.

The Twelve South Fermata has helped in this endeavor by giving my headphones a dedicated place to sit and charge! With an aluminum design and genuine leather accents, its a great addition to my WFH spot.

Twelve South BackPack adds an aluminum shelf to iMac

As part of a little work from home (WFH) miniseries, I am highlighting the Twelve South products that are keeping me organized while sheltering in place. With an iMac, external monitor, iPad Pro, external drives and several gadget stands, a desk lamp, desk fan, multiple keyboards and sundry items, adding my work laptop to the home desk started cramping my setup. Sitting in front of messy wires and disorganization began making me feel cluttered and unproductive while stuck WFH. The Twelve South BackPack helped me start getting organized and less distracted.

Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub is keeping me connected while working from home

If you listened to the iDB podcast Let's Talk iOS episode 338, you heard me talk about the ways I continue to increase my work from home (WFH) efficiency, during this shelter in place order. Taking stock of my situation, I realized I missed a key component to the setup: a solid USB-C hub. Digging around the possibilities, I came upon the StayGo USB-C hub by Twelve South. They make quality products that I've tested before, and I decided to give it a 'Go.' It's going very well.