Twelve South’s pocketable StayGo Mini hub brings four extra ports to iPad Pro, Mac and more

Twelve South has debuted StayGo Mini, a smaller, pocketable version of its USB-C hub that brings back your old ports and helps tidy up messy workspaces whilst keeping you connected when you’re working from home.

Meet Twelve South’s StayGo Mini, a pocketable USB-C hub

StayGo Mini connects via the included USB-C cable, bringing four additional ports to your iPad Pro, iPad Air 4 or Mac. The problem with flush-mount hubs is that they don’t work with a protective case on your iPad. But just like its bigger brother, StayGo Mini integrates a short, stowable travel cable to connect the hub to the tablet without removing the case.

A promotional image from Twelve South showing its StayGo Mini USB-C hub connected to an iPad Air 4
Image credit: Twelve South

Which ports does StayGo Mini provide?

StayGo Mini gives your Mac or iPad Pro four neatly arranged extra ports. Because USB-C is an industry standard, the pocket-sized accessory also works with Windows PCs and other platforms that support the USB-C protocol.

A promotional image from Twelve South showing a top-down view of its StayGo Mini USB-C hub with the included cable
Image credit: Twelve South

For starters, you get that 3.5mm headphone out jack that Apple removed from iPhones, iPad Pro and other devices. And if you predominantly use studio headphones that connect via the 3.5mm port, you’ll definitely appreciate the inclusion of the headphone out port.

A promotional image from Twelve South showing its StayGo Mini USB-C hub connected to a MacBook Pro
Image credit: Twelve South

Then you get a USB-A port for those times when you need to connect a legacy without a USB-C port, like storage devices, thumb drives and so forth. The included HDMI port makes it a cinch to connect an external display to your iPad Pro or Mac for a dual-screen workspace. And lastly, you get USB-C for pass-thru power (no data transfer support).

  • 1x USB-C (85W USB-C Power Delivery pass-thru charging)
  • 1x HDMI (4K resolution at 30Hz)
  • 1x USB-A 2.0 (USB SuperSpeed 5 Gbps with Battery Charging 1.2, 7.5W fast charge)
  • 1x Audio out (standard 3.5mm audio jack)

So what’s the difference between StayGo Mini and its bigger brother?

Image credit: Twelve South

StayGo Mini vs. StayGo: What’s the difference?

StayGo Mini’s four ports compare to the regular StayGo’s eight ports, with the latter providing three USB-a ports instead of one, an Ethernet port for wired networking and a slot for memory cards. Thanks to those ports, StayGo is better suited for power users and creative pros who want to take full advantage of their Mac or iPad Pro on the go.

Here’s Twelve South founder and CEO Andrew Green pitching the company’s latest creation.

Maybe you’re a blogger, a video editor or a YouTube creator who needs to move lots of files between platforms whilst mostly working chained to your desk. In that case, StayGo’s eight ports should address your needs.

A promotional image from Twelve South showing its StayGo Mini USB-C hub connected to an iPad Pro
Image credit: Twelve South

But if most of your work is on the go, and you don’t need the convenience of additional legacy USB ports and Ethernet networking, then it’d be smart to focus on the smaller StayGo Mini.

Where can I buy Twelve South’s StayGo Mini?

StayGo Mini is available in black or white for $60 from the Twelve South web store.

The accessory is compatible with any device that has a USB-C port for power and data, including most of the Mac notebooks sold in the past few years, as well as all iPad Pro models and the fourth-generation iPad Air.

The regular StayGo with nine ports is priced at $100.