Twelve South launches SurfaceSnap, a visually-pleasing $30 cable management solution

Twelve South has launched the SurfaceSnap, its new, pocketable cable management solution designed to attach to nearly any surface because it leaves no residue when removed. It’s so thin and light you can take it with you literally anywhere, making it ideal for travel.

If you have upgraded your work-from-home rig in the COVID-19 pandemic, the sight of those hanging cables under your desk must be driving you crazy. Instead of other solutions that either weigh too much or are bulky, premium Apple accessory maker Twelve South wants you to use its fine-leather SurfaceSnap.

These leather bands have a metal button snap for adding and removing cables. Not only does the accessory help tidy up your messy work desk but also any place there are cables hanging, even walls, thanks to its semi-permanent adhesive that leaves no residue when removed.

With all the USB-C, Lightning and other cables that we use on a daily basis, the SurfaceSnap keeps those unruly cables from slipping to the floor.

A snap to use

TwelveSouth explains:

SurfaceSnap reinvents cable management in the form of elegant leather bands with button snaps. Attached to nearly any surface, SurfaceSnap keeps charging and computer cables tidy and from slipping to the floor. You can attach these thin leather bands to monitors or stands like Curve for MacBook.

TwelveSouth says that the adhesive leaves no trace when removed.

Pricing and availability

The SurfaceSnap is available in Black or Dove Grey from, priced at $30.

That kind of money buys you a pair of single-winged organizers along with an additional double-winged cable organizer. Want to keep your cords coiled and tangle-free? Consider Twelve South’s CableSnap.