Keep your cords coiled and tangle-free with Twelve South’s CableSnap

Premium accessory maker Twelve South is out today with a new product designed to keep your cords, charging cables and earbuds neatly coiled and tangle-free while on the go.

The CableSnap dapper leather wraps are available in two sizes: the larger is ideally suited to keep your heavier cables, such as the two-meter MacBook cord, neat and tidy.

This is especially convenient if you own one of the latest MacBook Pro notebooks which ship with a redesigned power adapter that lacks the convenient cable wings for keeping the cord spooled in order to prevent tangles, kinks and frays from happening.

The smaller CableSnaps keep your Lightning cord, EarPods or the one-meter Apple Watch charging cable from tangling and unraveling in your bag.

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Both feature a built-in connector loop for keeping the wraps attached to the cord when uncurled and in use while a strong metal snap keeps your CableSnap securely closed.

Crafted in genuine leather, CableSnaps match Twelve South’s RelaxedLeather iPhone case.

The latest accessory from Twelve South joins their recently released products, including a neat MacBook stand with a flowing ribbon design that pays tribute to the massive Apple Park headquarters, the BookBook Vol. 2 leather case [review] for 2017 MacBooks and more.

CableSnap is available now in Black, Cognac or Marsala. The accessory is sold in packs of three: as mentioned before, each set includes one large and a pair of smaller cable managers.

You can buy yours on Amazon for $20.