Twelve South’s new MacBook stand has flowing ribbon design that pays tribute to Apple Park

An all-new redesign of Twelve South’s original iCurve stand for notebooks, their new Curve accessory that got announced today improves upon the ergonomics of its predecessor with its flowing ribbon design that pays tribute to Apple’s massive ring-shaped headquarters.

Crafted in matte black aluminum, the elegantly flowing stand elevates your notebook 6.5 inches to keep 70 perfect of the computer’s base exposed for optimal cooling. As a bonus, smart design allows access to your MacBook screen lift for one-handed opening.

Both the old and the new stand were created by Andrew Green, the co-owner and Creative Director of Twelve South, who says in a blog post that he always knew he would someday want to refresh the classic design of the iCurve stand for the modern Mac universe.

“In thinking about bringing it back to market, I visualized Curve as a thin metal ribbon—kind of like a Möbius strip,” he wrote in the post.

“Utilizing aluminum with a matte black finish, Curve is a fresh remix of the original classic that looks simply stunning, especially when supporting the new Space Grey MacBooks.”

Check it out in action in the video embedded below.

Twelve South recommends using the stand to create a more comfortable desktop setup with an external keyboard and mouse or use the combo with an external display to create the perfect dual-screen setup. “When it’s time to go mobile, unplug and roll out leaving a modern sculpture behind,” says the firm.

Wanna place a Curve underneath your MacBook? Pick up yours from Twelve South or Amazon.