Twelve South launches the Curve Riser, a metal fixed-height stand for iMac

Twelve South has become one of the most popular third-party accessory makers for Apple products. That’s due to the high quality of the products, and the Curve Riser will likely follow this trend.

The Curve Riser fixed-height stand was inspired by the Curve stand for the MacBook. It’s a metal in design and flows with obvious curves, and it will elevate your screen of choice 4.25 inches. The Curve Riser fits all-in-one computers and external displays with bases up to 10 inches wide. And while the go-to computer for this accessory is the iMac, it will also fit the iMac Pro and standard external displays as well.

That’s not all, though. The Curve Riser also offers a built-in shelf for easy access to various items. You can fit notebooks in there, you can fight external hard drives, portable batteries, docks, hubs, audio interfaces, and even a Mac mini. The open front and back offers plenty of air flow, too, so running devices will stay cool.

The new Curve Riser is matte black, and should do a good job of cleaning up your desk space if you need it. It’s available to order now for $79.99 and Twelve South offers free shipping in the United States. It comes with a one-year warranty, and Twelve South also offers 30 day returns.

What do you think of the Curve Riser? Think you’ll be picking one up?