iMac Pro

Apple is reportedly not working on a new, larger-screen iMac after all

Apple unveiled some new hardware earlier this week at its "Peek Performance" event. And while there were rumors that we'd see the new "M2" processor at the event, along with maybe a new MacBook Pro and/or new MacBook Air, that turned out not to be the case. So, of course, we turn to the future, where rumors are still swirling that future hardware could arrive with those specs.

Apple’s rumored 27-inch iMac Pro with a mini-LED display again rumored to launch Spring 2022

In 2021, Apple launched a brand new, redesigned iMac with a 24-inch display. The company added the M1 processor under the hood, along with a few other key changes, to help spice up its desktop lineup. To help with that, the new computer also comes in a wide range of colors. But now a new rumor aims to shed some light on Apple's pro aspirations for the desktop lineup.