27-inch iMac Pro with mini-LED display now rumored to launch in June

The rumor mill has been abuzz about a new, redesigned 27-inch iMac Pro coming down the pipe for quite some time now. The only bad news is that the rumors can’t nail down when, exactly, the new desktop machine will actually launch. But a new tweet may try to clear things up a bit.

Or not, honestly. Until things are actually official on Apple’s part, it’s all speculation at this point. Of course, we’re all accustomed to that around these parts. So, let’s take a look at the latest grain of salt that is the iMac Pro with a mini-LED display rumor hill.

CEO of Display Chain Supply Consultants, Ross Young, took to Twitter recently to reply to another tweet regarding unreleased Macs, reiterating his belief that Apple is gearing up to launch the new iMac Pro pretty soon. Specifically, Ross says the new desktop machine “could launch in June.” The tweet goes on to say that “some observers” have said the computer won’t have a mini-LED display, but this is not a view that Ross shares.

Indeed, the chief executive goes on to add that the new iMac Pro could feature “1000 zones” and “over 4000 miniLEDs.”

As far as the other rumors are concerned, the 27-inch iMac Pro is also expected to feature M1 Pro and M1 Max processor choices. That mini-LED display is said to feature the 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate as well.

In December of last year, it was rumored that the iMac Pro with a mini-LED display would launch sometime in the spring of this year. However, in January the expectation was shifted a bit, setting new sights on sometime in the summer. Interestingly, it was Young who said display shipments for the new desktop computer could start in June. And that the device may launch in August or September.

Maybe it will be sooner rather than later. Still, at this point, it’s just a rumor.

Are you hoping to see a new iMac Pro get unveiled later this year?