Twelve South’s new Curve Flex stand for MacBooks is perfect for dual-screen setups

The new TwelveSouth MacBook stand is height and angle-adjustable, elevating your laptop screen and camera up to 22 inches high—perfect for dual-screen setups.

Twelve South's Curve Flex stand lets you adjusts the keyboard angle from 0 to 45 degrees
You can adjust the keyboard angle from 0 to 45 degrees | Image: Twelve South

Premium Apple accessory maker Twelve South has long offered its Curve stands for Apple notebooks. But not everyone is fond of fixed-height laptop stands.

I, for one, prefer stands for notebooks that raise my 15-inch MacBook Pro to eye level so I can work ergonomically at my desk without having to use stacks of magazines to raise the machine to a more comfortable viewing height.

Meet Curve Flex, a versatile stand for your MacBook

The new Curve Flex addresses these shortcomings by letting you elevate your computer to 22 inches or about 56 centimeters. At half a meter high, you won’t have to stare down at the screen, which is bad for your posture.

Twelve South explains how the Curve Flex works with different Mac notebooks:

When deployed fully, the top of Curve Flex stand is 11 inches tall. But when a 16-inch MacBook Pro is placed on it, the top of its screen—and more importantly its webcam—is 22 inches off the desk. A MacBook Air webcam is 19 inches off the desk, and the 14-inch MacBook Pro webcam is 20 inches high. If this is too high, remember, Curve Flex can adjust down from there-to whatever height is most comfortable for you.

If you have a dual-screen setup, the Curve Flex should work great for you.

Awesome for dual-monitor setups

Twelve South's Curve Flex stand elevates your MacBook and its webcam to eye level
It brings your MacBook camera to eye level | Image: Twelve South

On paper, this stand can make the bottom of my MacBook Pro screen as tall as the bottom section of my external 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display. This is important to me because having two monitor aligned makes for more natural cursor movement across the combined screen space.

The stand is a natural choice for those who use their notebooks in clamshell mode, with the MacBook screen acting as an extension of their primary external display.

Wow, it folds flat!

Twelve South's Curve Flex stand can be folded flat for easy transportation
Fold it flat for easy transportation | Image: Twelve South

When collapsed, the stand is just two inches, or about five centimeters, letting it act as a typing wedge. And because it folds flat, the Curve Flex is extremely portable—no one wants to lug around a laptop stand that sticks 11 inches in the air (to that end, Twelve South includes a padded neoprene travel sleeve with your Curve Flex).

Not only is the Curve Flex heigh-adjustable, but it also allows you to tilt your notebook up to 45 degrees. If you don’t have an external keyboard, you’ll appreciate being able to adjust the angle for a comfortable typing experience.

So whether you need a laptop stand for your home office or work, the Curve Flex is an excellent option. Read: Internet not working on your Mac? Here’s how to fix it

Pricing and availability

The Curve Flex is priced at $80. Available in mate white and mate black finishes, it easily complements your workplace esthetics. It supports all Mac notebook models, including the latest M2 MacBook Air and the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The Curve Flex is available from the Twelve South web store, Amazon and others.