My favorite iPad stand is getting an upgrade

On November 27, 2013, I gave a gushing review of the MiStand, where I claimed the stand was "my new go-to dock, with a small simple and highly functional design." Today, I am still confident in that claim, as the MiStand has not left my kitchen counter since that initial review almost four full years ago. I use it regularly to hold my iPad, while working in the kitchen, watching videos or FaceTiming family. Consequently, I was very excited to learn about MiStand+, which is currently raising funds via Indiegogo for an upgraded version. 

Twelve South’s BookArc stand for Apple notebooks now available in Space Gray

Twelve South just launched a new Space Gray color option for its popular BookArc stand for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro on Thursday.

It's intended to look great with the OEM Space Gray color Apple offers for its MacBook with Retina display and 2016 MacBook Pro (with or without the Touch Bar), and it joins the classic silver finish, made to match the standard aluminum finish of the previous generation MacBook Pro, along with other notebooks in Apple's lineup.

The W3 Stand turns your Apple Watch into a vintage Macintosh

If you have an Apple Watch and an affinity for vintage computer hardware, you're going to love the W3 Stand from Elago. It's a short, stumpy stand that's built to make your Apple Watch look like an old-school Macintosh.

The stand is made of scratch-resistant silicone, and it conveniently holds your Apple Watch horizontally in Nightstand Mode. This allows you to view the current time, date, charging status and Calendar events at a glance.

Gamify your stand goals with Standland for iPhone and Apple Watch

Filling all three activity rings at the close of day has become a proper ritual and incentive for many Apple Watch owners. Out of the three, the one most likely to botch your hard-earned, months long streak is going to be the blue circle gauging standing times per day. The reasons for it are manyfold, but it often comes down to the simple fact that you cannot pencil in a time slot before or after work to quickly fill up the blue one, as it is contrived to be an achievement realized over the course of 12 hours per day.

Standland, an app for iPhone and Apple Watch users, has identified that pitfall of Apple’s activity tracker and plays on it nicely, offering more control, analytics and motivation to get users standing up at least once per hour. Japan’s iPhone App of the Year 2016 achieves this by serving up a creative blend of pet collection (resemblant of the old tamagotchi days) and fitness curation. Standland can track your standing hours right from your wrist or the inside of your pocket (for iPhone-only users) and has recently been updated for the festive season that is upon us. Follow our review below to find out about the role of in-app purchases and whether or not the stripped-down version of Standland is worth your time.

Twelve South’s new HiRise Duet simultaneously charges iPhone/iPad and Apple Watch

Twelve South's versatile HiRise accessory is among the best stands I've used for charging my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Recently, it's gotten even better with an overhauled version sporting refined looks, reduced footprint and increased stability with larger iOS devices.

But what if you own an iPhone and an Apple Watch and need a stand that can charge both devices at the same time? That's exactly what HiRise Duet does for you. In fact, it's the first dual charging stand that powers up your Apple Watch in Nightstand mode.

A $119.99 purchase gets you a fully assembled stand with an integrated Lightning connector for iPhone, a built-in magnetic charging disc for your Apple Watch and a single AC power cable to charge both devices simultaneously.

As a bonus, you get a bunch of international wall plugs.