My favorite iPad stand is getting an upgrade

On November 27, 2013, I gave a gushing review of the MiStand, where I claimed the stand was “my new go-to dock, with a small simple and highly functional design.” Today, I am still confident in that claim, as the MiStand has not left my kitchen counter since that initial review almost four full years ago. I use it regularly to hold my iPad, while working in the kitchen, watching videos or FaceTiming family. Consequently, I was very excited to learn about MiStand+, which is currently raising funds via Indiegogo for an upgraded version. 


MiStand+ is a more polished and streamlined version of its predecessor. With somewhat softer edges, the stand is still a bit aggressive looking, but is perfectly built to hold your device. The stand consists of three parts:

  1. The base holds fast to any reasonably smooth surface. Using a micro suction pad, the foot is amazingly well equipped to hold even a 12.9″ iPad Pro, which I did regularly. Given the sturdy connection to your table top surface, I placed my iPad Pro with confidence. It is actually difficult to remove the stand, once placed, because of the suction power of millions little suction cups. Instead of using sticky 3M adhesive, that cannot be removed and leaves residue, the micro suction pad can be removed and replaced as many times as necessary around the house. A new addition is the cable management cutout, which provides a location to hold everything in place.
  2. The ball and socket joint gives an almost 360 degree rotation for the tablet surface. While the video shows someone playing an accelerometer game on the stand, it does not quite move as freely as advertised. The stand is more for a set-it-and-forget-it type of connection. Although, rotation from portrait to landscape is very simple and easily accommodated.
  3. The attachment surface is broad enough to easily accommodate the largest iPad Pro and small enough that placing an iPhone doesn’t look odd. Two of the same micro suction pads flank the surface to hold tightly to your device. It holds strongly enough, a quick popping action is required to get your iPad loose.

The biggest ‘wins’ here are the materials. Milled aluminum makes the device incredibly sturdy and weighted to counter-balance your iPad. It is an extremely solid, almost industrialized design, yet it is comfortable being placed around the house. The second, and most important, are the micro suction pads. Being able to regularly remove and replace the stand, in multiple locations, is a big win. Moreover, being able to confidently attach an iPad is critical. I left my iPad on this stand, resting above a three foot fall into the sink, without worry… walking away, even leaving it over night, maybe even a few days–no problem!

If the micro suction pads start to lose their stick, I simply wipe them with warm water on my finger and let them dry. This removes any small particles that may be building up in the microscopic suction chambers. Do not use a cloth as it can leave lent and prevent a perfect connection.


I recommended the MiStand four years ago and stand by my word. Having actively used this stand for that long and with such frequency, it is easily the best stand I have for the home. And, quite frankly, the only stand I have ever held on to for that long. When I saw the updated design, I was quick to connect with the team about reviewing the newer version.

To be fair, this is really a set-it-and-forget-it stand. If you are looking for portability or a light weight option, look elsewhere. It isn’t something you are going to fold into your day pack and commute back and forth. But, it is the perfect in-home companion or desktop solution for the office.

Currently, early bird pricing on Indigogo has a MiStand+ in your home for £33 or approximately $43USD. Given the solid craftsmanship, carefree design, and the longevity of my initial model, this is a no-brainer for me to recommend once more. The campaign ends in two weeks! Jump over to the campaign page to order one for yourself.