Dynamik automatically fetches fresh iPhone wallpapers from your favorite subreddits

Some people are happy with the stock wallpapers that come with their iPhones, while others will be happy with the plethora of images they can find while searching the web. No matter which camp you identify with we at iDownloadBlog understand the constant struggle that befalls folks who enjoy changing things up frequently, which is one of the reasons why our own Jim Gresham publishes weekly wallpaper-centric pieces.

But if even that isn’t frequent enough of a change for you and you have a jailbroken device at your disposal, then you might take an interest in a newly released and free jailbreak tweak named Dynamik by iOS developer JeffResc.

This tweak hides the fire effects from Reddit comments that receive the Ignite award

While I personally enjoy using the third-party Apollo client for my Redditing needs, there are still plenty of people who’d rather use the official Reddit app as opposed to an alternative. One thing about the latter that doesn’t seem so popular among users, however, is the fire effect that appears when comments are given the Ignite award.

If you side with the camp that dislikes this effect, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a new and free jailbreak tweak called NoRedditFireEffect by iOS developer Ben Giannis that can disable it entirely.

Rogue DMCA takedowns wrongfully targeted the jailbreak community [updated]

It’s never a dull moment for the jailbreak community, and this week, the spotlight isn’t so much on jailbreak tool releases as it is on a series of baseless DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) take-downs that appear to be targeting jailbreak-oriented software and iOS security research.

All the hubbub began with a simple Tweet shared by respected community hacker @siguza, which contained an iPhone encryption key. This key was comprised of a long string of randomized letters and numbers and would have appeared as gibberish to most common folk. Shortly after the Tweet fell victim to one of these requests, threads on the popular /r/jailbreak subreddit regarding checkra1n and unc0ver became victimized by similar activity:

Make iOS’ Spotlight search feature more powerful with LuxSit

iOS’ Spotlight search function is severely underpowered, and with just a bit more oomph, it could be a significantly more powerful tool for both casual and power users alike.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will ever expand upon Spotlight’s seemingly limited search functionalities in upcoming iterations of iOS or not, but in any case, jailbreakers won’t need to wait around for that to happen. With a newly-released and free jailbreak tweak called LuxSit by iOS developer LacertosusDeus, you can enjoy an upgraded Spotlight search experience today.

You can now install the Sileo package manager on the unc0ver jailbreak

It has been just over two weeks since the Sileo team launched its first beta preview of its Sileo package manager for jailbroken iOS 11 devices, and there’ve been a few updates since then. Up to this point, Sileo was only officially supported on the Electra Team’s Electra jailbreak, and not the competing unc0ver jailbreak by hacker Pwn20wnd; but that all changes as of today.

On Friday, Reddit user Samg_is_a_Ninja published a new thread on the /r/jailbreak forum declaring the release of Sileo for the unc0ver jailbreak. As it would seem, unc0ver co-creator Sbingner has updated all required dependencies, making a full compatibility layer for the alternative jailbreak possible.

Saurik warns against using Cydia Impactor alternative ‘AppSigner,’ says it’s unsafe

If you’ve ever used a semi-tethered jailbreak before, then you should be familiar with Cydia Impactor. Saurik (Jay Freeman) created this multi-platform application to let you side-load apps on your iPhone or iPad, especially of the jailbreak flavor, such as Electra and unc0ver.

Recently, a web-based alternative to Cydia Impactor called AppSigner received some public attention on /r/jailbreak, and as you might come to expect, prominent members of the jailbreak community are speaking up to explain why you should not use it.

iPhone 1337 Team releases jailbreak tool for firmware 1.1 on the original iPod touch

It’s been more than 11 years since Apple first released the iPod touch with firmware 1.1, but a team of jailbreak developers calling themselves the “iPhone 1337 Team” on /r/jailbreak have allegedly produced a working jailbreak for it.

More than a decade later, most people are using at least iOS 10 or later, so the circumstances surrounding this news are about as niche as it gets. Nevertheless, we felt it was worth a mention, considering how much we respect jailbreaking here at iDB.