Some of the best passcode jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

While most people use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock their modern iPhones and iPads, there are still times when you’ll be required to enter your passcode. Examples include after rebooting your device, after pressing and holding certain buttons on your device, failing a biometric authentication attempt, and when you don’t have biometrics set up on your device.

My annual return to the iPhone 8

As Apple announces their annual update to the iPhone lineup, I return to my iPhone 8. You know, it was a good year. iPhone 8 has an incredible Touch ID "button" and several other key features of the day. And while I’d love to use my iPhone 13 Pro Max all year until the newest flagship lands in my mailbox, I just can’t afford it.

Discussion: Would you pay for a jailbreak?

Even since the first jailbreak for the iPhone launched back in 2007, tools have historically been free for end users to download or use. Despite being free, jailbreak users could generally donate to jailbreak developers if they wanted to provide gratitude for the tireless work that went into making it.