Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for porting iOS 15 features to iOS 14 devices

If you’re jailbroken right now, then it’s because you’re on iOS or iPadOS 14 or earlier. Many continue to patiently wait for a jailbreak on iOS or iPadOS 15, but now that the deadline to DelayOTA to iOS 15.1.x has expired, many are left wondering what jailbreak tweaks they can use to simulate an iOS or iPadOS 15-like experience on their pwned iOS or iPadOS 14 device.

Are you buying one of the new green iPhones?

Apple has a habit of staggering colors for its devices, especially the iPhone. The company has a few, or maybe even a bit more than a few depending on the model, different choices at launch, and oftentimes at least one of those colors is a pretty hot commodity right out of the gate. But then, months later, we're suddenly introduced to a new color that's not too bad, either! And maybe even your favorite color! But, six months in and you probably already have the iPhone that just got a color refresh.

Pro users, do you customize your Apple hardware with color or stickers?

It hasn't happened yet, but word on the street is that in the very near future Apple is going to launch a brand new, redesigned MacBook Air. One of the talking points is that the new design will drop the tapered shell that Apple has used since the MacBook Air's debut. Another, though, is that Apple is going to add some color to the lineup.

Which Apple devices help you stay the most productive?

While it's technically true in every ecosystem, it's particularly egregious in Apple's: staying productive is typically defined by the products we use. It's why folks who watched the MacBook Pro evolve into something far less "pro" were so adamant Apple was losing touch. Removing features in a device that's meant to get a lot of work done isn't a great move.

What do you think of the rumored ‘hole + pill design’ for the iPhone 14 Pro?

Ever since the first iPhone made its grand debut, smartphones have primarily been all about looking at a sheet of glass. It might be hard to remember, or impossible to imagine even in todays' world of foldable phones, but just before Apple unveiled its first phone, the industry had some pretty unique designs out there. And then it all kind of started to look . . . the same.