How to AirPlay or mirror your iPhone or iPad display to an Apple TV

Mirror iPhone to Apple TV

You can easily send your Mac screen to your Apple TV and either mirror it or use it as a second display. So, if you want to show something you have on your iPhone or iPad up on your Apple TV, this is just as simple.

You can use AirPlay if you have a video on your iPhone you want to show everyone in the room. And if you want to see a bigger picture of something on your device and interact with it, you can use Screen Mirroring.

Here’s how to both AirPlay and mirror your iPhone or iPad display to Apple TV.

How to mirror or extend your Mac display to Apple TV

Mirroring my Mac's screen to Apple TV

You can do a lot of great things with your Apple TV, from watching shows to playing games to listening to music. And if you own a Mac, you can work or play on the big screen by mirroring or extending your display to your TV.

You might want to see the work you’re doing on your Mac on a larger screen. Or, you may want to use a second display for easier multitasking. This tutorial shows you how to mirror or extend your Mac display to Apple TV.

Mirror your iPhone or iPad’s display on your Mac with QuickScreen

QuickScreen is a convenient new Mac utility by Frogg GmbH that lets you demo your iPhone’s screen directly on your computer’s display.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, all you have to do to get started with QuickScreen is plug your iPhone or iPad into your machine with a MFi-certified Lightning cable, and the app detects its display automatically.

How to mirror your iPhone or iPad on a smart TV

AirPlay is integrated into multiple Smart TVs from major brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, making it effortless to mirror your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the bigger TV screen. But if your smart TV doesn't have AirPlay built-in, here's how to wirelessly mirror your iPhone and iPad to it using a third-party app.

New jailbreak tweak lets you watch restricted premium videos via AirPlay

Doesn't it get under your skin when you try to watch a video on the big screen via AirPlay, and at the most, all you get is sound? Sometimes companies decide to restrict users from using AirPlay or HDMI output, which results in the frustrating scenario just mentioned.

This prevents certain apps like Amazon Instant Video, HBOGO, and DirectTV from being enjoyed on your television set via AirPlay using an Apple TV.

It's actually surprising that it took this long for a Cydia developer to come up with a fix for this, but it's finally here. UnrestrictPremium is a tweak that allows you to watch video via AirPlay mirroring or HDMI output, even if the developer of the app restricts users from doing so. Want to see how it works? Then step inside and watch our hands-on video walkthrough...

Top jailbreak videos of the week

Last week was one of the most awesome weeks for jailbreak apps and tweaks in recent memory. Tweaks like the highly anticipated 'Deck', and 'Notificator' were previewed, along with a neat tweak that gives Siri different accents. We even tossed in a side order of AirPlay Mirroring on the Mac.

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How to enable AirPlay Mirroring on your Mac with ‘Reflection’

It's one of those feature that seem so painfully obvious, but no one took advantage of the opportunity until now.

Reflection is an app for the Mac that allows you to use AirPlay Mirroring from your iPhone 4S or your iPad 2 directly to your Mac.

In times past, the only way to perform mirroring was via an Apple TV set-top box device. No longer.

OS X Mountain Lion AirPlay Mirroring hands on

So I finally got some time to take OS X Mountain Lion's new AirPlay Mirroring functionality for a spin, and what I found was just what you would expect.

AirPlay Mirroring is a fairly seamless affair for Apple TV owners, and it works remarkably well — even in its current beta form.

Check out our hands-on experience with OS X Mountain Lion's AirPlay Mirroring on video inside...

The Most Understated iPhone 4S Feature: AirPlay Mirroring

Now that the highly anticipated iPhone event has come and gone, it's time to start looking to the future. Pundits and analysts seem to have mixed feelings about Apple's latest handset, but Tim Cook and company are just getting started.

While the iPhone 4S is still an amazing piece of hardware, it was clear that software was the star of yesterday's show. But among the new Cards app and Find My Friends, one software feature was grossly overlooked: AirPlay Mirroring...

AirPlay Mirroring Could be the Most Exciting Feature in iOS 5

AirPlay has traveled a rocky road over the last year or so. It just doesn't seem to be garnering much support from third party developers (hardware and software).  But that may all change with iOS 5's new Mirroring feature.

We told you about the iPad 2's mirroring capability back in June, but the feature seems to have greatly matured since then. Apple'n'Apps posted another video showing off the new iOS 5 option, and trust me, it looks awesome...

New in iOS 5: AirPlay Mirroring for FaceTime

Apple has come up with some remarkable technology over the last few years, AirPlay and FaceTime to name a few. AirPlay allows users to sling media from their iDevices to the big screen via an Apple TV, and FaceTime enables one-tap video calling.

What would happen if you combined the two technologies? According to TiPb, you would get a unique video chatting experience that can be shared by everyone in the room. Meet the latest iOS 5 feature to surface, FaceTime via AirPlay mirroring...

Olion’s Moov Allows Wireless Mirroring From Your iPhone to Your Big Screen TV

Mirroring has been all the rage since the iPad 2's announcement back in March. It essentially allows you to display whatever's on your iPad or iPhone directly onto your television.

The only problem with mirroring is that it goes back to the archaic (relatively speaking) days of using wires to output pictures and video from your iOS device, to your video display.

With recent technologies like AirPlay gaining steam, it was a bit disappointing to see Apple opt for a wired solution instead of a wireless solution.

One Israeli company is trying to capitalize on this need, and has created a case that allows you to wirelessly mirror the output from your iPhone to your television...