How to create memojis for your iPhone contacts

Even more Memoji customization in iOS 13

Apple introduced Memojis back in 2018, which are basically Animojis of people. If you own an Apple device, you can create a Memoji or yourself that looks like an animated version of you. You can also create Memojis for your friends and family. They can be used in Messages, FaceTime video calls, and more.

macOS Big Sur: How to create and edit Memojis in Messages

Mac Messages Edit Memoji

If you’ve been enjoying sending your Memoji stickers on iPhone and using the Memoji app added to watchOS 7, then good news! You can manage Memojis in Messages on Mac running Big Sur or later.

Using a bigger screen, you can do things like make a new Memoji with a face covering, change an existing one for your new hair style, or just give yourself a fresh look. Whatever your pleasure, here’s how to create and edit Memojis on Mac.

How to customize the Memoji Watch face on Apple Watch

Memoji Apple Watch Face with Animoji

When Apple released watchOS 7 they included a Memoji app letting you get creative with Memojis right from Apple Watch. And with that, you can use a Memoji Watch face to show off those you create or the Animojis if you prefer.

The Memoji Watch face is a nifty new way to display something fun and unique. And keep in mind, the images aren’t static. So you’ll see the face move and make expressions. Plus if you tap it, you can have the character make a silly face. Here, we’ll show you how to set it up and customize it on your Apple Watch.

How to use the Memoji app on Apple Watch to make fun characters

Memoji App on Apple Watch

If you own an Apple Watch and recently upgraded to watchOS 7, you might notice a new app on your wrist. The Memoji app is a new addition for those with watchOS 7 or later that lets you create and edit a Memoji as well as turn one into a Watch face.

Make your first Memoji, spruce up your existing one, or create something totally funky. Sound like fun? Here’s how to use the Memoji app on your Apple Watch.

How to put a face covering on your Memoji in Messages

Picking Memoji With Face Covering on iPad

Keeping up with current events, Apple added face coverings as Memoji options in iOS and iPadOS 14 and later to macOS Big Sur. It’s not a surprising update considering that's how most of us look and will continue to look until COVID-19 is under better control; covered from the nose down with a mask.

So why not make your Memoji more realistic with a face covering! Here, we’ll show you how to put one on and make it your favorite color.