How to create unique iPhone wallpapers from your personalized Memoji

Give your iPhone’s Lock and Home Screens unique looks by generating wallpapers from your personalized Memoji rather than using the same old boring emoticons.

iOS 16 brought significant Lock Screen customization, like generating a wallpaper from custom emoji with interesting grid arrangements like a swirl pattern.

Apple’s emoji wallpaper tool is OK, but it lacks Memoji support. While you can always create iPhone wallpapers with your Memoji in Photoshop or an alternative image editor like Pixelmator Pro, wouldn’t it be nice if a quick and simple app existed for that? As it turns out, there is, and we’d like to walk you through it.

How to create personalized Memoji wallpapers on iPhone

iPhone screenshots showcasing Memoji wallpapers
I just Memoji-fied my Lock Screen! | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

Introduced in 2018, Memoji are basically large emoji that resemble the user’s character. Thanks to a new app by Ukrainian developer Oleksandr Tsybart, you can now create iPhone wallpapers from your personalized Memoji in just a few seconds.

Using the Memotify web app in Safari on iPhone to turn Memoji stickers into an iPhone wallpaper
Turn Memoji stickers into an iPhone wallpaper | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

He’s calling it Memotify, and it’s entirely free to use. The lightweight web app works in Safari and other web browsers without installing anything.

Follow these steps to create an iPhone wallpaper with your own Memoji:

  1. Open the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Visit the website in Safari and click Create Wallpaper.
  3. Choose between the available grid options under the Pattern heading.
  4. Touch the box labeled Color to choose a background color for your Memoji wallpaper. Select the Grid, Spectrum or Sliders tab to switch between the different color pickers. You can quickly pick one of the pre-made colors at the bottom or touch the + (plus) button if you’d like to add a new color. To capture any color from the webpage, use the color-picker tool in the panel’s top-left corner.
  5. Hit the menu next to Color to set the shading style. Use the Solid option to fill the background with a single color, Gradient to gradually blend your chosen color to a lighter hue or Monochrome to make all Memoji the same color.
  6. Time to select your personalized Memoji for the wallpaper. Choose Select Memoji Here, then switch to the iPhone’s Emoji keyboard and pick up to six custom Memoji expressions on the leftmost side of the Emoji keyboard. If you don’t have the emoji keyboard, turn it on in Settings → General → Keyboard → Keyboards → Add New Keyboard, then choose emoji. To use stock Memoji characters (also known as Animoji) instead of Memoji styles that represent you, select them in the below box.
  7. Click the Create Wallpaper button to check out your wallpaper’s appearance in the section labeled Wallpaper Preview. If you don’t like how your wallpaper looks, feel free to refine it by changing the above options.
  8. With everything looking just the way you want, hit Download Wallpaper.
  9. Your wallpaper will load in a new tab. Touch and hold the image to bring up the menu with the Save to Photos option. You can also copy the image to the clipboard, paste it into another app, send it to friends, or share it with nearby devices.
  10. With your Memoji-fied wallpaper saved on the device, perform the usual steps to set the saved image as your new Lock or Home Screen wallpaper.

Don’t have personalized Memoji? We have a tutorial walking you through creating your personalized Memoji character with custom looks and facial expressions.

Wallpapers with your own Memoji expressions

Example iPhone Lock Screen featuring a Memoji-themed wallpaper
Emoji wallpapers are so last year, so mine uses Memoji! | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

Memoji is a cool feature. You can use the TrueDepth camera on your iPhone to quickly create Memoji sets that mimic your facial expressions.

These personalized Memoji can be used for your iPhone contacts, to spice up your exchanges with friends and family in the Messages app or even replace your head on a FaceTime call. And with Oleksandr’s easy-to-use Memotify app, you can now generate iPhone wallpapers that feature your own Memoji.

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