How to show weather conditions and forecast on your iPhone Lock Screen

You can see weather conditions, temperature, wind speed, air quality, moon phase, sunrise & sunset times, UV index, rain, snow, sleet, or hail forecast for your location on your iPhone Lock Screen. Having the weather report on the Lock Screen ensures you’re constantly updated regarding changing conditions.

In this tutorial, we will show you the simple steps to add the weather forecast to your iPhone or iPad Lock Screen using widgets and a smart wallpaper.

Three iPhone mockups showing weather conditions on the iPhone Lock Screen via weather widgets and smart weather wallpaper

Add the weather widget to the iOS 16 Lock Screen

1) Wake your iPhone and make sure it’s unlocked via Face ID or Touch ID.

2) Once unlocked, tap and hold the Lock Screen.

3) Next, tap Customize.

Customize Lock Screen to add weather widget to it

4) Tap Add Widgets.

5) Scroll down to the end and tap Weather.

Find weather widgets for iPhone Lock Screen

6) You now have all the Lock Screen widgets for various weather conditions. Swipe left to see them all and tap the one you want to use. I find the Conditions widget pretty helpful. You can decide based on your needs. Note that you can add up to two big rectangle widgets, up to four small square widgets, and up to one big and two small widgets.

Add temperature and other weather widgets for iPhone Lock Screen

7) Once you finish adding the desired widgets, tap X twice followed by Done > Set as Wallpaper Pair.

Finish editing iPhone Lock Screen with weather conditions

You will now see the weather conditions of your location on the iPhone Lock Screen.

iPhone Lock Screen showing weather conditions

Besides using the built-in Weather app widgets, you can add widgets from third-party weather apps such as CARROT.

Weather widget on the iPhone Lock Screen can’t be edited

The iOS 16 Weather widget on iPhone Lock Screen only shows the conditions of your location. You can’t edit it to show the status for any other city.

But you can add bigger and more interactive weather widgets to your iPhone Home Screen and Today View. Once added, tap and hold the widget > Edit Widget and choose the city whose weather reports you want to see in the widget.

Edit weather widget on iPhone Home Screen
Editing the weather widget on iPhone Home Screen to show the weather conditions of a different city.

Note: Although you can’t edit the weather widget on the Lock Screen, you can edit other Lock Screen widgets like the one that shows your device battery status. To edit a widget, all you need to do is tap it and choose one of the appropriate options. Related: How to customize the Lock Screen battery widget on iPhone in iOS 16

If you want to see the weather conditions of any city without unlocking your iPhone, add the widget from a third-party weather app to the Lock Screen. Another way is to use the iOS Weather widget in the Today View. You can access this widget by swiping right on the Lock Screen.

Weather widget in Today View accessed from iPhone Lock Screen
Weather widget in iPhone Today View

Finally, if you use Sleep Schedule on your iPhone, it will show you the weather report on your Lock Screen every morning when you wake up. Must see: How to set your iPhone to automatically play music when you stop the morning alarm

Use a live Weather wallpaper

iOS 16 allows you to use a smart wallpaper that changes your iPhone Lock Screen based on the weather in your location. To do that, go to iPhone Settings > Wallpaper > Add New Wallpaper. Next, pick Weather from the top and tap Add > Set as Wallpaper Pair.

You can also scroll down and choose the first wallpaper option under Weather & Astronomy. This one has pre-added weather widgets that you will find useful.

Add weather wallpaper to Lock Screen

Once you add the weather wallpaper, it will change your Lock Screen and Home Screen as per the conditions in your location.

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