How to remove remote Mobile Device Management (MDM) from iPhone or iPad [sponsored]

AnyUnlock on Mac

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, lets big organizations remotely manage Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac, they give to their employees. With this, the organization can deploy updates, install apps, and put several restrictions on the iOS devices.

You will encounter an iPhone with a Remote Management screen asking you to enter the username and password if you're an employee of an organization who has been allotted this device or if you bought a second-hand iPhone and the seller didn't remove the MDM profile beforehand.

An iPhone with MDM may have many restrictions, and you may not be able to use it fully. And if it's an erased iPhone, the lack of the right credentials may not even let you go past the Remote Management setup screen.

To get out of such situations, you can use AnyUnlock by iMobie, and in this tutorial, we show you how.

How to lock your Telegram chats on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Lock the Telegram app to secure your chats

With over 700 million active monthly users, Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging services. If your friends and family use Telegram, you might have private conversations that you don't want others to see. This is especially true if your acquaintances frequently borrow your iPhone to watch YouTube, see photos, etc.

Thus, to prevent unsolicited access to your Telegram chats and channels, you can easily put a lock on the app.

How to lock your WhatsApp chats on iPhone like a pro

Two iPhones on a gradient green background showing locked WhatsApp and locked WhatsApp Business

Once you set a passcode on your iPhone, it secures all your apps and data. However, if you hand over your unlocked iPhone to nosy people, it's possible they will peek inside WhatsApp to see what you’re up to! Thankfully, WhatsApp offers a built-in option to lock the app.

In this tutorial, we show you how to enable password or Face ID/Touch ID lock on WhatsApp for iPhone to protect your chats. The process to lock WhatsApp Business is the same.

How to hide messages on iPhone

Hide messages on iPhone

There is no straightforward way to lock the iPhone Messages app to hide your conversations. You can’t effectively use any third-party lock app, and unlike WhatsApp, there is no password protection on the Messages app.

Still, you have some solid options if you wish to prevent your private SMS or iMessage from being seen by family members, friends, and others. In this tutorial, we show you how to increase the privacy of your messages and hide them so anyone else can’t see your personal conversations.

How to set up your Medical ID on iPhone and Apple Watch

Medical ID on iPhone

Medical ID on iPhone and Apple Watch provides valuable information related to you and your health. Once you set up your Medical ID and enable it to show on the Lock Screen, anyone with physical access to the device can know about your health conditions and reach your emergency contacts.

This important tutorial will show you how to create your Medical ID on your iPhone and how you or anyone else can access it from the Lock Screen.

How to lock files, folders, and your Desktop on Mac

Padlock Computer Screen - Pixabay

Many times we take precautions to secure our digital items from others. We password-protect things like files and folders to prevent changes by others. But who protects us from ourselves?

If you’ve ever changed a file or moved a folder by mistake, then you know what I mean. The worst is when you do something like that and don’t even realize it until you need the item.

On your Mac, you can lock files, folders, and your Desktop (folder) to prevent unwanted changes. This doesn’t require a password. It’s just a simple “lock” to keep you, or someone else, from editing, moving, or even removing a file or folder. Here’s how it works.

How to lock cells in Microsoft Excel on Mac to protect your data

How to Lock Cells in Excel on Mac

If you have an Excel spreadsheet or workbook that you want to either share with others, you likely have data that you don’t want them to be able to change. Maybe you want to allow them access to only edit certain cells. On the other hand, you may have data that you want to make sure doesn’t get accidentally changed as you work on the sheet yourself.

Unlike Numbers, you can lock cells in Microsoft Excel in a variety of ways. You can lock specific cells, cell ranges, rows, and columns. There are a few sets of steps in the process, but after you do it once, it will come easily for future workbooks. Here, we’ll walk you through how to lock cells in Microsoft Excel on Mac.

How to lock tables and workbooks in Numbers

Lock tables in the Numbers app

Numbers is a great option for spreadsheets and workbooks on iOS and Mac. As an alternative to Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers has some of the same handy features but is lacking in others. So if you’re interested in locking cells in Numbers or locking an entire workbook, both to prevent unwanted changes, we’ll show you your options.

How to view carrier lock status to verify if an iPhone is unlocked

There are several ways you can prove to a potential buyer that your iPhone is unlocked, including crude methods such as pulling out your SIM card and putting one from a different carrier inside. But an easier approach is to access carrier lock status information directly from the Settings app in order to quickly verify that an iPhone or cellular iPad is unlocked or not. Let's show you how.

How to lock the Dock on your Mac to prevent unwanted changes

Dock settings on MacBook Pro

If you spend time customizing the Dock on your Mac, it can be aggravating when something gets changed by someone else. You may let a guest or your child use your computer, and suddenly your Dock is positioned elsewhere, sized differently, or doesn't have the apps you pinned to it.

To prevent your Dock from being messed with by anyone, you can lock it down using Terminal. We’ll show you the commands you need to lock the Dock’s position, size, and contents to prevent unwanted changes. So if you’re ready, here’s how to lock the Dock on your Mac.